How does the CO2 Laser works?


Learn about the CO2 Laser system and how it works, available at VIVE Medical Spa in Tijuana, Mexico, the latest technique to remove skin imperfections through laser pulses modulated by carbon dioxide, which allows complete regeneration of the skin.

Find the latest advances in aesthetic medicine for your health and beauty at VIVE Medical Spa the aesthetic medicine clinic with the most experienced doctors and the newest systems to offer high-quality treatments.

The CO2 laser system is available at VIVE Medical Spa’s office, with a range of effectiveness never before seen in laser cellular regeneration systems,

The CO2 Laser system consists of the emission of laser pulsations that are not harmful to the skin or the organism but are modulated by carbon dioxide or CO2.

This system is used by bringing a high-precision instrument close to the patient’s skin to destroy the affected cells with the laser energy without causing discomfort or damage to the surrounding tissues.

The best applications of this system are skin imperfections such as acne marks or scars, wrinkles, environmental or age-related blemishes, and other problems.

In addition to eliminating blemishes and skin problems, this treatment generates new, healthy, youthful, and aesthetic issues through the production of collagen and elastin.

Collagen is the substance produced by the organism in the first years of life that generates new skin and tissues, while elastin is the component that gives elasticity to the skin.

See in just one session how your skin begins to renew itself until it reaches a complete recovery.

This treatment is ideal for people who suffered from acne in their youth and keep the scars on their faces, which generates discomfort due to the unwanted effects on aesthetic harmony.

CO2 Laser, An innovative system

The CO2 Laser system recovers the smoothness of the skin using laser energy discharges that destroy the damaged tissues and stimulate the production of new skin.

It has great effectiveness in the recovery of acne scars and to eliminate the signs of aging.

The CO2 Laser operation is based on an electric current that circulates through a tube charged with carbon dioxide gas or CO2.

With the charge of this gas, the heat of the laser pulse is directed to the damaged cells and evaporates to eliminate them.

The high precision of the system prevents the laser heat from damaging the surrounding healthy cells, reaching only the skin layers where the imperfections are located.

The result is the growth of new and fresh skin, without the problems that the previous skin had. For those who have tried it, the result is almost a miracle, but it recovers in time the problems that had persisted for years and that each patient had wanted to hide without succeeding.

Due to its high effectiveness, CO2 Laser should only be used by highly trained medical personnel, because a failure in its application can cause burns or loss of its effectiveness.

How is the treatment?

One of the advantages of CO2 Laser treatment is that the patient can receive a personalized treatment according to their needs, their medical condition, their daily activities, or the time they have available.

The treatment is personalized.

The doctors at VIVE Medical Spa will recommend the best system, the duration of the treatment, and the number of sessions to achieve the best results.

If you require particularly intense treatment, the doctor may apply a mild anesthetic cream and recommend a day or two of rest, away from your daily activities.

In other cases, it may be more convenient to apply low-intensity laser power and repeat sessions to obtain the best results. Come to VIVE Medical Spa and learn about the options offered by this treatment, which can solve in a short time years of discomfort in your skin.


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