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What Is The Spectra Laser?

The Lutronic VRM III Spectra laser is an effective non-ablative and photoacoustic skin rejuvenation system that can be used to treat problems for many skin types and different indications, such as:

1) Opaque texture

2) Wrinkles

3) acne

4) enlarged pores

5) Pigmented lesions (including age spots and melasma)

In addition, the Spectra laser is also a highly effective tool to eliminate tattoo designs that consist of one or several colors.

  • Tattoo removal process | Laser spectra
  • Laser image illuminated by Spectra * laser
  • Spectra laser technology includes the ability to switch between different beam profiles
  • Upper plane beam profile
  • Profile of Top Hat Beam

How Does It Work?

The Spectra laser uses the wavelength of 1064 nm. This energy can be used not only to gently exfoliate the outer layer, but also to tone and firm the skin promoting the formation of new collagen.

Spectra is safe for all skin tones as it is quite resistant to being absorbed by the melanin outside of the treatment areas.

Despite the gentle nature of the treatments, the exfoliation and toning of the laser through the Spectra laser is capable of producing powerful and highly controllable results.

During a facial exfoliation procedure, a carbon-based lotion called Levulan is applied to the surface of the skin. This helps Spectra wavelengths enter the pores of the skin.

The carbon reacts with the energy of the long pulse laser to create small explosions on the surface of the skin, including the pores.

This causes the outer layer of the skin to begin to peel. The pores are unlocked. Less oil is produced, since the laser will burn the outer layer of the sebaceous glands.


The heat of this process stimulates the production of new collagen fibers. This tightens the area around the pores of the skin, allowing them to become smaller.

The final effect of a Spectra laser peel is comparable to a chemical exfoliation. However, these procedures are much safer. This is because the doctor can control the depth to which the laser energy will penetrate. The action of chemicals, on the other hand, is much less predictable.


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