PDO Threads

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Learn about PDO Threads, an almost magical option to have a Facelift without surgery, using tiny surgical threads as a net under the skin, without pain or downtime.

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What is Thread Lift or PDO Threads treatment?

PDO is for polydioxanone, a dissolvable material used in heart surgery sutures. It’s tiny and invisible under the skin. 

This non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure consists of using PDO threads beneath the surface of your skin to lift the tissue. 

The threads have been manufactured with the surface to help grip the skin. 

The material of the threads is made from long chains of polysaccharides, similar to sugar.

When our doctors position it, the threads give firmness to your face to look more lifted and toned appearance, especially around the lower face and jowls.

The threads are absorbed over the first six months. During that time, it triggers a boost in your natural collagen production to improve your skin for up to a year.

It’s just like a Surgical facelift, without going to the operating room!

It’s quick, with no downtime if you compare it to a surgical facelift. 

Most of the patients go back to their regular activities the next day after the treatment.

Are you a candidate?

The best candidates for great results with PDO Threads are people with moderate to regular sagging of facial tissues, typical of people in their 40s and 50s. 

The treatment can be performed at younger ages (around 18 years old) depending on the patient’s condition. 

It can also be performed on older people, although with less effective results.

How do they perform it?

-The PDO thread lift procedure usually takes less than an hour.
-The first action that your doctor marks on your skin where the threads will go.
-After that, he will inject those areas with a local anesthetic to avoid any discomfort.
-Your doctor inserts a long tiny needle, or cannula, with the thread attached to it, into your skin and passes it under the skin’s surface.
-You'll be numbed in the area.
-You can drive to go back home because the anesthesia will not affect your senses.

Treatment results:

-Collagen stimulation.
-Elimination of wrinkles caused by age.
-Enhancement and projection of various points of the body where it is applied.
-Gives firmness to flaccid muscular tissues.
-Lifts buttocks.

Application in other areas of the body.

The PDO Threads treatment can also be performed in other areas of the body, such as the buttocks, legs. or breasts. See the results of the Silhouette Soft treatment.

You should know

-The PDO Threads is a revolutionary system for facial rejuvenation.
-It was introduced to medicine from the field of heart surgery for suture in the most sensitive points of the heart.
-PDO Threads help to generate new tissues to repair the damaged ones.
-They dissolve in the organism without any side effects.
-It helps to recover the natural stretch of the skin and tissues.
-PDO Threads eliminate wrinkles and generate new tissues to support saggy skin.
-The suture helps to generate elasticity and tighten the skin.
-The doctor uses a fine needle to insert the threads under the skin.


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