Get lovely results on your face with Micronnedling,
one of the most wanted treatments for the skin.

You can get it at the best price in VIVE Medical Spa in Tijuana, the clinic for Esthetic medicine with the most skilled doctors and the latest treatments with the best technology.

Microneedling consists of microscopic pins that stimulate the skin for generating a new one.

The specialist applies in damaged areas of the skin, in any part of the body, to create fresh tissues.

Stimulation of the skin layers to produce collagen and elastin is one of the most effective rejuvenation resources.

A device operated by the doctor or a specialist makes microscopic insertions of needles in the skin, at the depth and in the areas required to generate a renewal reaction in the cells of the skin.

Facial lotions will help to heal and produce new and healthy skin, feeding your cells with the best products in the market.

How does it work?

When the specialist applies the micro-needles to your skin, it generates micro-injuries that stimulate a natural defense reaction in the cells, which begin to produce collagen, the rejuvenating substance of the organism, and elastin, which favors the elasticity of the tissues.

In addition, this stimulation makes the cells more receptive to incorporate other facial treatments, which contribute to the improvement of the skin.

The Microneedling treatment is for all kinds of deterioration of the skin, either by acne, spots, hyperpigmentation, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, or flaccidity.

The treatment

First of all, the specialist will apply an anesthetic cream to the area. Then, you’ll have another cream containing collagen for preparing the treatment. The use of ultra-fine precision needles by the specialist will not cause pain or discomfort.

Your skin does not suffer any damage to obtain optimal results. The procedure can be repeated between 3 or 4 sessions, or up to 6, depending on the characteristics of the patient.


-The microscopic needles oscillate with electronic impulses, creating tiny wounds on the skin, that generate the new tissues.

-The specialist can modulate the intensity, frequency, and profundity of the pins in the skin, with better results.

-Microneedling devices are not aggressive for the skin, preparing the absorption of the nutrients, besides the production of collagen.

-Besides, this system has no downtime, because the small insertions over the skin are controlled, and the microscopic scaring and regeneration are faster.

The best beauty results for your skin

After the treatment, you do not need any special care, except the lotion or sunscreen that the professional indicates.

Until the first or second week, you will show a more rosy face than usual, and then the skin will return to normal without the previous signs of deterioration.

You’ll see the changes from the first moment. The skin will begin to generate collagen and elastin, eliminating the most deteriorated part of the epidermis. The final results will show after six months.

Main conditions successfully treated with Microneedling.

– Scars caused by acne, operations, or others.

– Rosacea (a chronic inflammatory skin condition)

– Dark circles and eye bags.

-Damage caused by sun or age.

– Large or dilated pores.

– Correction wrinkles, expression lines, smile and lip lines, crow’s feet.

– Facial laxity or saggy skin.

-Stretch marks.

-Decoloration on the skin.



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