Turkey Neck

What Is Turkey Neck?

Turkey Neck is the term used for muscles in the neck which get weak as one ages. This results in lack of support from the muscles to the skin resulting in sagging of the skin giving it an appearance of the neck of a turkey. Another common cause for Turkey Neck is as one ages the skin loses its sheen and elasticity causing it to sag. Turkey Neck can be prevented in every way by practicing regular neck exercises to keep the neck muscles strong. Frequent exposure to sun is also one of the causes for the neck muscles to lose their strength and cause Turkey Neck.

What Are The Causes Of Turkey Neck?

Coming to the causes of Turkey Neck, exposure to sun is one of the common causes. The ultraviolet rays of the sun break down the skin’s connective tissue leading to the loss of elasticity of the skin.

Normal process of aging also results in weakness of the muscles of the body along with the neck muscles resulting in Turkey Neck.

Genes also play a role in development of Turkey Neck.

Hormones also have a role to play in development of Turkey Neck.

Smoking is also one of the causes for weakening of the muscles of the neck. Smoking causes narrowing of the blood vessels and also cause the skin to age quickly than what would be the norm.


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