Learn about the incredible benefits you can get with the Revitari treatment at VIVE Medical Spa in Tijuana.

Take advantage now of the results that hundreds of patients have achieved with this treatment that gives new vitality to the skin.

Revitari is one of the most important international laboratories for the production of Botulinum Toxin Type A, also known as Botox.

It also stands out for the production of Hyaluronic Acid or Dermal Fillers.

Both products, among others, allow facial and body treatments for beauty without going through the operating room and obtaining flattering results with only the injection of these products, which stimulate the body’s natural processes.

Botulinum toxin Revitari

Among the main benefits that patients experience with the Revitari product line is the muscular relaxation of the face, which generates a youthful facial gesture, and above all the disappearance of wrinkles and furrows in the upper part of the face.

Revitari’s Botulinum Toxin contains the same formula as Botox but is improved with a higher concentration of the product, which allows the use of fewer injections. At the same time, it offers the possibility of greater effect when combined with Novocaine, a mild anesthetic that makes its application more comfortable in the office.

The main points for the application of Revitari Botulinum Toxin Type A are in the upper part of the face, as it is very effective in erasing expression lines on the forehead and between the eyebrows.

Horizontal lines on the forehead are smoothed and disappear thanks to the relaxing properties of the product. 

Another point of interest is the so-called crow’s feet, the wrinkles that over the years appear on the outer edge of the eyes and deepen with expressions such as laughter.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is another of Revitari’s advantages. It is a substance present in the human body in the early stages of life, whose function is hydration and stimulation of collagen and elastin, which generate the smooth and elastic skin of children and babies.

You can recover that smoothness in the skin with the hydration and renewal processes generated by Hyaluronic Acid!

This substance is also called Dermal Fillers because it generates a considerable increase of volume in the skin and allows to give projection and harmonious shape to any area of the face or body.

See how Revitari’s Hyaluronic Acid can give a beautiful shape to your nose or jawline, and how it can give volume to your buttocks, to generate a lovely shape in that sexy area!

Revitari Hyaluronic acid contains Lidocaine, to avoid discomfort during application.

Revitari products are intended for various applications. Meet Revitari Deep Lines, formulated for marked wrinkles such as furrows; Revitari Fine Lines, for small creases and skin folds; and Lips, to give shape and volume to the lips with a beautifying treatment.

Lastly, the Body line is the ideal complement to give volume to different parts of the body, with a high degree of effectiveness. 

Great Results ​

The doctors at VIVE Medical Spa will perform a complete examination to define precisely which are the best products and the right treatment for each case.

Generally, one application of the product, with one or more syringes in each case, is enough to achieve the expected results. 

The patient begins to notice the changes almost immediately, although permanent and long-lasting results will occur over the weeks.

Botulinum Toxin and Hyaluronic Acid are not permanent, they can last from four months to one year, depending on the specific treatment and the goals you can get.

After that, the substances dissolve in the organism without any adverse effect.

About VIVE Medical Spa

Remember that the injectable products at VIVE Medical Spa are only applied by certified aesthetic medicine doctors. This allows us to obtain the most beautiful results, and also guarantees that the treatments are performed with the required safety.

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