Elimination Of Fibrosis

Elimination Of Post-Surgical Fibrosis

Post-surgical fibrosis is much more common than previously thought. It is not associated with any particular surgery, the same can occur after a liposuction or a tummy tuck. In general terms it can appear after any surgical intervention, but there are some in which this complication is much more frequent.

What Is Fibrosis?

The scars that remain after surgical interventions usually show normal tissue closure. However, it is possible that this process is affected when the healing does not appear correctly. In this case a skin fibrosis may appear, which is nothing more than a lump on the scar, the cause of which is the excess of collagen that thickens the surrounding tissues.

In the strict sense, fibrosis is evidenced by the appearance of keloid or hypertrophic scars that are clear proof that the patient has healing problems. The cause of the above is usually genetic, and for this reason it is very important that surgeons and aesthetic doctors are aware of this condition, to manage to counteract the unpleasant effects that can occur on the skin.

Elimination Of Fibrosis Through Carboxytherapy

In this treatment, carbon dioxide is applied to destroy the fat in a certain area. It also improves circulation, tonicity and elasticity to the skin and visibly reduces cellulite. One of its effects is the tension of the tissues and for this reason, specialists recommend it as an option to treat post-surgical fibrosis.

It should not be stressed that all the previous treatments should be carried out only by aesthetic medicine specialists who have extensive training and experience. This reduces the possibility of causing other types of complications, which may lead to worsening fibrosis or even the patient’s health.


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