Chin Augmentation

A Non-Surgical Approach To Chin Augmentation

The chin is a symbol of masculinity for men and sensuality for women. Any negative aspect such as wrinkles, creases or a very deep labial commissure can affect the way beauty is appreciated. Women should have a much more delicate chin, in the form of “V” where the largest volume is in the central part. On the other hand in man must have much stronger features, rectangular in shape, to give a much more virile appearance. And in both cases a much more defined line of the chin should always be something to aspire to.

The remodeling of the jaw area should always consist of a contouring of the chin and vice versa. Although there are safe surgical techniques for the implantation of silicone prostheses for chin augmentation, when there are people who are not very sure if they will look the way they want with an implant, when there are fears of the surgical act or that the problem is minimum this option is the ideal and makes them perfect candidates for biomodelacion with fillers.

Experts at Vive Medical Spa can expertly and expertly sculpt your chin with injectable dermal fillers and enhance your chin to better balance your face without the need for surgery.

The Chin's Sculpting Procedure

Radiesse for being a degradable biological filling of slow absorption makes it ideal for the remodeling of this area since it is used essentially for the increase of bone parts and when injected performs a process of neocolagenogenesis. Radiesse is approved by the FDA for the correction of maxillofacial defects. Although this area is not exclusive to it, the choice of the appropriate filling should be a joint decision based on the expectations and clinical data of the patient and the professional who administers it, if you want to know more information about it come to an assessment with us where we will give you the best professional recommendation according to all our patients who, like you, attended and received the results they so desperately wanted.

Chin augmentation without surgery sculpts the chin with injectable fillers such as Voluma, Restylane and Radiesse to securely and effectively shape a patient’s chin without the need for surgery. This procedure sculpts and removes a weak or receding chin, resulting in a stronger and more defined chin and a more proportionate profile. This is a procedure in the office that is performed without surgery and practically without downtime.

The Best Chin Results Without Surgery

At Vive Medical Spa, Dr. Sergio Verduzco has been performing his chin remodeling technique without surgery, which results in a natural looking and stronger chin for years and has helped transform the balance and proportions of the chin and the profile of their patients.

Dr. Sergio Verduzco uses injectable fillers to provide instant results that build, shape, sculpt and sculpt barbels; Its advanced technique can lengthen a patient’s chin, make it more pointed, give it a more masculine, square or more defined look. Your experience and knowledge of facial anatomy ensure that our non-surgical chin augmentation patients experience the best possible solution.


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