HIFU Laser

What Is It?

This technique allows the removal of adipocytes and localized fat clusters, leading to body remodeling. But in addition, this treatment has also been proven to be very effective.

How Does HIFU Work To Reduce Body Fat?

Ultrasound is applied directly on the area to be treated, and can be applied comfortably even in the curved areas of the body, which are precisely where more fat is usually accumulated, such as in the abdomen, cartridge belts and buttocks.

What HIFU waves do is produce a thermomechanical effect that is responsible for destroying the fatty tissue subcutaneously, but without damaging either the adjacent tissues or the epidermis. The fat begins to get rid of and is eliminated naturally through the body.

Its effects are so immediate that the reduction of a size with a single session is guaranteed.

It is a treatment that is not painful. It is normal to first perform a peel of the area to be treated in order to prepare the skin for ultrasound, the area is massaged and then HIFU ultrasounds are applied, performing upward movements to achieve remodeling and toning through body heat. and the combustion of fats. The treatment is usually completed with a massage in the treated area and the application of liporeductive cream.

How Does HIFU Work For A Face Lift?

Ultrasonic waves cause an increase in body temperature that results in a retraction and restructuring of the collagen and elastin molecules. Collagen is one of the natural proteins that help keep the skin toned and elastic. 
The HIFU is able to get the body to produce new collagen, which is why it produces a tensor effect on the skin. Hence, the treatment with ultrasound waves of this type is also being applied to fight against the signs of aging and tighten the skin of the face.
The HIFU is an alternative for those who want a regeneration of facial tissue and look younger without having to go through the operating room. By producing the natural fibroblast stimulation, the obtained reaffirmation results are maintained for a long time.

How Long Is The Treatment? Does It Have Side Effects?

The duration of treatment with HIFU waves depends on the area you want to treat, but it is normal for each session to last between 45 and 60 minutes.

Afterwards, the patient can return to his daily life with full normality. In some cases there is a reddening of the skin in the treated area, but this effect disappears after a few hours.

Other side effects are the appearance of a slight swelling in the treated area, tingling or sensitivity to touch, but disappear quickly.

In the following days it is normal to feel muscle pain similar to stiffness, although it goes away in two or three days.

How Many Sessions Are Needed And
When Can The Results Be Appreciated?

The number of sessions that each patient needs will be determined in any case by the specialist, but the normal is between two and three. 
The results are noticed from the first session, whether the HIFU waves have been used for body remodeling or have been used to rejuvenate the appearance of the face. Keep in mind that although the results are noticed from the start, the collagen has a restructuring time of 21 days, so the final results will not be appreciated until after 2 or 3 months.


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