At Vive Medical Spa of Tijuana, we have the best options for your Botox treatment at the hands of doctors who are experts in the application and its effects.

Eliminate crow's feet

The eye contour is one of the areas most benefited by Botox, especially between the outer edge of the eye area and the temples, that is, the wrinkles popularly called "Crow's feet," one of the main signs of aging.

Relax Muscles That produce wrinkles

The action of Botox consists in relaxing the muscles under the skin. With this, wrinkles that form on the face's surface due to contractions generated by gestures such as laughter, anger, or surprise, among others, are eliminated.

Dissolves in the body

Botox has no side effects and dissolves in the body without posing any danger. The only risk is when it is applied by non-medical or inexperienced personnel.


No Recovery Time


The effect of the toxin is almost immediate, although it will fully show itself within two days. The patient does not require recovery times and can continue with their activities immediately after application.

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Do you have 20 minutes? Then you are in time to do a Botox treatment, to look in the best shape in a short time and with incredible results.

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