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Bichectomy, also known as Buccal Fat Removal, Face Thinning, or Buccal Lipectomy, is the extraction of fat deposits from the cheeks. That deposits are called Bichot glands and remain in adulthood from childhood.

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The Buichetomy gives you a great to contour the midface and make the cheekbones look more defined.

What is Bichectomy?

Bichectonmy or Buccal Fat Removal is a procedure performed at the office. It consists of the extraction of fat deposits under the chin. 

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One of the most desired features of beauty in men’s or women’s faces is protruding cheekbones and an elongated profile.

To achieve this goal, our specialists perform the Cheek Reduction, also called Cheek Surgery, Buccal Fat Removal, or Bichectomy by its medical name. The procedure consists of the extraction of the fat responsible for the big cheeks.

Regularly, a round or square face can be due to the additional size of the fat in the cheeks. The solution is secure, easy, and on the same day!


Decrease in the appearance of cheek fullness for esthetic purposes. The patient will have a narrow face without fat under the cheeks.


The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. 

-The surgical procedure is performed through an incision inside the oral cavity that leaves no visible scar.

-The procedure is performed in the office and is similar to a regular dentist procedure.

-The physician makes a small incision through the mouth and extracts the fat deposits

-The use of any medication that may affect coagulation is discouraged one week before and one week after the procedure.

-The surgeons perform a resection of the so-called adipose Pouch of Bichat, which is an accumulation of fat located in the cheek. 

-It takes about 20 minutes.

-You’ll have a short downtime. Regularly, the patient can return to their normal activities after three days

-The removal of this fat produces a thinning of the cheek.

-Since the incisions are made inside your mouth, Buccal fat Removing leaves no visible scarring.

After the procedure:

-Take care of your buccal health just like after going to the dentist. Careful disinfection of the oral cavity is recommended; no dressing or bandage is necessary. 

-The cheeks remain swollen for one to two weeks. Since the fat pad has been resected, the swelling is hardly noticeable.

-In some patients is possible a short time of a decrease in sensitivity inside the mouth, around the cheek area. 

-This decrease in sensitivity disappears in a few days. 

-During this period, small injuries may occur due to trauma when chewing.

What is Buccal Fat?

-The buccal fat pad is located between facial muscles in the cheek hollows just below your cheekbones. 

-The size of these pads depends on genetics, with rounded cheeks running in families.

-These fat pads usually thin when people grow, but there is no natural solution if they remain. 

-There is no diet or exercise to remove it.

-This minor surgery has become increasingly popular because of the Holywood artist and models whit well-defined cheeks and narrow faces.

-Results are permanent, even if you gain weight. 


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