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What is a

It removes Bichat Balls, an accumulation of fat that occurs in cheeks or "cheeks" on the face, which goes from below theeyes to the jaw and the edges of the mouth. These balls are just fatty tissue, i.e., body fat, and for a long time, they were considered a sign of good health. However, accumulating fat has nothing to do with good nutrition,as it's known.

The so-called "Bichat's balls" are not connected to any muscle or nerve in the face, so they have no biological function.

The surgeon numbs you with intravenous local anesthesia andsedation to feel no pain and is relaxed.
Then he/she performs a fat extraction with an excellent cut of 5 millimeters below the cheekbone or zygomatic bone.
It is considered minor surgery, without risks, although the results are spectacular because it completely transforms the patient's profile. It is performed inside the mouth, so there will be no trace or scar on the external area of your face.
The procedure lastsbetween 15 and 20 minutes, from when the local anesthesia isapplied until the suture is finished.
Pain and swelling areprevented for 24 to 48 hours with the application of ice and, ifnecessary, mild analgesics.
The final results are seen up to fourto six months later when the cheek tissues finish rearrangingafter the operation.

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