Butt filler treatment step-by-step

Butt filler treatment step-by-step guide. What to expect during a butt filler with the hyaluronic acid procedure? See what happens during Butt Fillers with hyaluronic acid treatment. Enjoy the procedure. It’s […]

Sculptra and Hyaluronic acid for butt filler

Sculptra and hyaluronic acid are two of the most commonly used systems in the aesthetic doctor’s office. Both are dermal filler systems that achieve incredible results. They have excellent results […]

 Training time at Vive Medical Spa!

Training time! The constant training of the doctors and staff of Vive Spa Médico is the secret of its success. The excellent results achieved by aesthetic medicine specialists are thanks […]

Butt Augmentation without surgery

Butt augmentation without surgery is a non-invasive treatment that uses injections to shape and contour the buttocks. The results are gorgeous! This technique is one of the most wanted to […]

Liposonix! a non-invasive liposuction 

Liposonix is one of the best options to eliminate fat deposits in the body. It works similarly to HIFU, using a hi-focused ultrasound wave. The stream of ultrasound energy targets […]

Are you a candidate for CO2 treatment?

You may be a candidate for the CO2 laser. This treatment solves problems such as aging, wrinkled or sun-damaged skin. You are a candidate if you are interested in improving […]

The benefits of Morpheus 8 on body and face

Enjoy the benefits of Morpheus 8 on the body and face. The Morpheus 8 treatment is one of the most advanced in aesthetic medicine. It provides immediate improvement to skin […]

Tattoo removal. Almost magic!

Tattoo removal is a safe and effective treatment. When you’ve decided you no longer want that tattoo on your skin, it’s time to turn to Laser Tattoo Removal. Maybe you […]

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation therapy is an increasingly popular option for women. It’s for females who want to improve their vaginal health and enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience. Many women […]


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