Training time at Vive Medical Spa!

Training time! The constant training of the doctors and staff of Vive Spa Médico is the secret of its success. The excellent results achieved by aesthetic medicine specialists are thanks to their constant training. When a patient asks about the advantages of Vive Spa Médico, the answers vary. But among them is the ongoing training and experience of the medical staff. Then there is their ability to understand patients and the high technology they employ.

Morevoer, taking a training time is part of everyday medical practice. Aesthetic medicine, like any other medical branch or specialty, requires constant updating. No physician can claim to know all the secrets and all the solutions in their field. Moreover, scientific advances are occurring at a dizzying rate every day. That’s why the doctors at Vive Spa Medico keep abreast of all the innovations in their specialty.

In addition, the doctors frequently call on the world’s leading specialists. They aim to be up to date with the best treatments. They also have training time from specialists and researchers who have developed new techniques and products. The major brands offer exclusive courses for their best practitioners worldwide.  

Among the new techniques used by aesthetic medicine specialists are the European techniques for lips, including the so-called Russian lips. Also the use of new techniques such as PDO threads and new CO2 laser applications.

Training time in lip filler techniques 

Dermal fillers are an increasingly popular way to improve the appearance and volume of the lips. Lip fillers are inserted directly into the desired area by injection for an immediate effect.

These products are absorbed into the skin and help to improve the appearance of the lips. They add volume and offer a more youthful appearance.

As interest in lip fillers increases, so does the need for training in this field. Practitioners who perform these treatments must be properly certified. Dermal filler lip filler practitioners keep in mind the importance of keeping up with advances in the field.

Morever, the chemicals used for this treatment are constantly changing. That’s why the doctors at Vive Spa Medico attend conferences and seminars to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments.

New techniques put into practice in Tijuana

New techniques in lip fillers include the so-called Russian lips. Vive Spa Médico is a pioneer in applying them in Tijuana, even before many clinics in the United States. This technique of European origin is now accepted all over the world. Its success lies in the fact that it allows a more anatomical result and a better shape of the lips.

Training time in new PDO Threads techniques 

One of the key elements for the successful practice of PDO Threads is proper training. That is why the specialists at Vive Spa Medical receive direct training from the world’s leading medical authorities on their use. This includes the developers of new products and techniques.

The training programs include practical sessions. In this way, the professionals can apply and practice the techniques learned.

Doctors attend international seminars. These are excellent ways to meet other professionals in the field who can share their experience and knowledge. These conferences are also a useful way to get up-to-date information and knowledge about the latest developments in the field of PDO Threads.

Only the best professionals attend these training courses. The diplomas on the office walls are much more than just a nice decoration. They reveal that your doctor has the necessary training to guarantee the best results!

Training time in PDO Threads 

Some of the main features of training in the use of PDO threads include:

  • Proper preparation of the area for the procedures.
  • It is also important to select the best threads and insertion techniques for each patient.
  • Another factor is the correct use of equipment to obtain the best results.
  • Proper assessment of the patient before starting the procedure, as well as familiarisation with the follow-up protocol to ensure the safety and success of the treatment.

Alongside tissue lifting techniques to achieve a Mini Facelift, PDO threads have advanced into techniques such as Foxy Eyes. The latter is the treatment of choice for actresses and models to achieve the most seductive looks. The doctors at Vive Spa Medico use new treatments to achieve the best results.

Jaw Contouring techniques 

The Jaw Contour treatment is a system that uses hyaluronic acid fillers along with other techniques. One of the most effective systems to beautify the face is jaw contouring. This treatment achieves the right contour to harmoniously enhance facial features.

To achieve the best results, jaw contouring filler techniques are used. Finally, this will help stimulate collagen production, prevent sagging, and diminish wrinkles in this area.

Besides, hyaluronic acid injections, dermal fillers, and fractional lasers can make great combinations. This helps to reinforce the result to achieve a defined jawline. 

Training time with Dr. Toma 

Dr. Toma is a Russian physician, studied in Hungary and resident from Dubai. She is internationally recognized as one of the foremost authorities on dermal fillers. She and his team have directly trained the doctors at Vive Medical Spa.

Dr. Toma has shared the latest advances in the application of dermal fillers in ongoing trainings with the doctors at Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana. This has allowed Vive to benefit their patients with better and better results.

In addition, her work has focused on all areas of beauty, especially jaw contouring. Her teachings have been shown in every patient at Vive Medical Spa.

New fields of CO2 laser treatments 

The CO2 laser is one of the most effective laser treatment systems. It consists of the application of CO2 gas to a stream of laser energy. This modulates the effect of the laser heat. The result is greater effectiveness in repairing and beautifying the skin.

Besides, the versatility of CO2 laser treatment allows for a continuous advance in techniques and application methods.

The fields of CO2 laser treatment have recently expanded to include cosmetic procedures that did not exist before.

These procedures include laser facial contouring, wrinkle filling, laser repair, and scar treatment. A gentler treatment uses laser energy to stimulate collagen and help improve the overall appearance of the skin.

These procedures also include fractional laser, laser toning, and laser pigmentation.

Learn about new techniques at Vive Medical Spa Tijuana 

Ongoing training is not just an opportunity to improve your work. It is a philosophy of life and a way to take on medical practice.

By training to better carry out their mission, Vive Medical Spa team members become better people every day. They also share with their patients their commitment to giving their best in every treatment.

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