Botox treatment, the truth about it

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botox the truth about it

Come To Tijuana to have the best Botox treatment. At Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana, you can eliminate wrinkles and keep a soft and young face.

See the best benefits of using Botox for men and women, and read why young people from 20 years old is using it as an excellent treatment to have a relaxed and natural appearance.

Come to Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana to consult with our medical team, and see what you can get with Botox in your face.

1.- How does Botox treatment dissolve the wrinkles?

Most of the wrinkles are originated by the rigidity in muscles under the skin, caused by age, sun exposure, or other reason. Botox is an effective treatment to relax the muscles, which eliminates the wrinkles. 

The Botulinum Toxin Type A eliminates rigidity generated by gestures such as laughter, anger, or surprise, among others, that creates facial wrinkles over time.

2.- Young is better!

The better effect of Botox treatment is in young people. The most current trend in Botox is its application from the age of 20 when wrinkles are not permanent.

This treatment is called Baby Botox and allows young people to get a relaxed and natural face while preventing expression lines from becoming permanent furrows

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3.- Does Botox Prevent the wrinkles? (Run to watch the mirror!)

Look your face in the mirror, and try different expressions, such as laugh, cry, or surprise. The lines that you see on your forehead, cheeks, or around your eyes will be your future wrinkles.
Regularly, you can say where will be your wrinkles in the future, acording to your most common gestures on the face.
Botox is a great system to prevent wrinkles because it relaxes the facial muscles that generate folds. Smile without worries.

4.- The best action of Botox treatment is on the upper face.

The best area for Botox applications is the upper face, including the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, and around the eyes. Botox is an effective treatment to erase the wrinkles called crow’s feet, one of the main signs of aging.

5.- Botox dissolves naturally in the body

Botox has no side effects and dissolves in the body without posing any danger. After a time, the organism absorbs the substance and eliminates it naturally without noticing.

6.- It lasts between 4 to 6 months

The effects of Botox are not permanent but last approximately four to six months, depending on the patient’s conditions, the amount injected, and the area of application. The doctors recommend two applications per year to maintain the results.

7.- Botox treatment avoids excessive sweating

Botox is an effective treatment to eliminate excessive sweat because it blocks sweat glands. That treatment benefits if you have excessive sweating in the armpits, hands, or feet.

8.- You don't need recovery time

The effect of the Toxin is almost immediate, although it will fully show within two days. The patient does not require recovery time or special care and may continue with his activities immediately after the application.

9.- It must be applied by doctors

Botox injections are not dangerous, but you need a doctor to apply it because Botox goes into very delicate areas of the face. That is why you need a doctor specialized in injections and aesthetic medicine.

10.- There are several brands.

Botox is the best known commercial brand for the Botulinum Toxin Type A. Although, the same substance is also available in other presentations approved by health agencies, such as Dysport or Derma Wrinkles.


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