PRP treatment for hair loss in Tijuana

Come to Vive Medical Spa of Tijuana to experience the PRP treatment or Platelet Rich Plasma. Learn about one of the most innovative systems for cellular recovery, which allows you to stop and recover from hair loss.

How does PRP stop hair loss?

One of the most remarkable discoveries in aesthetic medicine in recent years is the application of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP is a treatment that recovers damaged tissues through the patient’s blood.

The doctors produce Platelet-rich plasma by removing blood from the patient. They take the extract to produce blood plasma, which has a large concentration of platelets, the blood cells responsible for body regeneration.

After that, the doctor injects back the enriched blood into the patient. They inject the PRP into the points where the body needs to repair damaged tissues, with excellent results.

Besides, PRP is a safe treatment because using the patient’s blood avoids any risks of rejection in the body, infection, or disease transmission.

The science behind PRP to avoid hair loss

The treatment consists of taking a blood sample from the patient. The doctors never use someone else's blood. A centrifugate system separates the plasma from other components of the blood.
This plasma has a high concentration of oxygen, nutrients, and mainly platelets.
Platelets are the cells responsible for repairing damaged tissue, stimulating growth, and healing damaged tissues.
After that, the doctors inject the plasma into the skin and in deeper layers, to activate processes of growth and tissue regeneration.
Its effect is to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and new skin.
You can see the effect after two weeks. For the best results, the doctors recommend to apply it four times a year.

How does hair recover from hair loss?

PRP is an extraordinary treatment to recover damaged areas in the body. Among them, one of its best applications is for the recover the damaged hair vessels and the growing of new hair.

This treatment is available at Vive Medical Spa of Tijuana, in sessions of no more than 30 minutes and with no interruption of your normal activities.

Its application is painless and generates no side effects.

Its effect on the hair vessels is to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth in the points where they seemed to be lost.

Come see all the details at Vive Spa Médico de Tijuana.

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