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Come to Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana to get the best treatment for a beautiful profile, known as Nefertiti’s Neck.

Have you heard the story of Queen Nefertiti?

She is famous today for her profile.

In ancient Egypt, she was the bride of the pharaoh Akhenaten, who order to sculpt hundreds of images of her. Since then, the sculptures are symbols of the eternity of love and beauty.

Moreover, Nefertiti was an intelligent, beautiful, and daring woman. She transformed the customs of her time and reigned alongside the pharaoh as no other woman had ever done before.

Indeed, until today the beauty of the Queen remains to be one of the most perfect in history.

Besides, for Esthetic Medicine, they call Nefertiti Neck to the treatment to get a sharp and forward-projected jaw.

See how you can get Nefertiti’s neck!

Beautiful profile

The perfect angle between the jaw and the neck is known as Nefertiti's Neck. It's because it manages to match the Egyptian queen's face profile.
To achieve that profile, the doctors may choose the application of Radiesse, This is a substance that defines and stretches the muscle surrounding the chin and jaw.
The aesthetic effect is a perfect angle between the chin and the neck.
Besides, Radiesse gives a projection to the platysma, the muscle that lies on the sides of the jaws.
Your doctor will inject Dysport or other substances into the chin and platysma muscles, to get a natural reaction of protruding the areas that benefit the beauty of the neck.

The substances that shape your neck

To get a beautiful neck, Radiesse is a great option. It contains a substance called calcium hydroxylapatite, which stimulates a natural projection in volume and definition to the areas where it is applied.

Its effect is to correct the mandibular arch to improve its position concerning the neck.

Its permanence is of one and a half years approximately, more than any other substance of aesthetic filling.

As a result, the neck will have the appearance of higher projection, without performing any surgical procedure.

Other options to consider are the application of Botox or Dysport, substances that make the skin of the neck recover firmness and elasticity.

Both products contain the Botulinum Toxin Type A, which allows the relaxation of contracted and stressed muscles.

Another option is non-surgical lifting, which produces the stretching of the skin with procedures that promote the generation of collagen and elastin.

These substances are responsible for the production of young tissues and stimulate the elasticity of cells.

Call Vive Medical Spa and meet our medical team specializing in injections to get an astonishing profile.

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