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Come to Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana to experience the most effective treatment to shape your lips. We are experts to get the most beautiful shape, volume, and contour, to project the best of you.

Did you know that your lips say in silence about how you are?

We show you the six most common types of lips, and how they can be improved with a filling and contouring treatment, to give volume, definition, remove wrinkles, or achieve the best symmetry.

This is a dramatic element for beauty beauty of a face in men and women.

See the shape of your mouth. How do they project the image you want to show to the world?

1.- Heart Lips

Pop star Taylor Swift has perfect heart-shaped lips.

Her lower lip is thicker and more voluminous than the upper one. Besides, she has a well-defined upper lip, with a well-defined cupid's bow.

For many people, this type is the most beautiful and the current trend in the world.

They project a strong personality but sweet and kind-hearted.

Injecting fillers allows us to get the desired shape, based on the doctor's experience to achieve great results.

How to Change Your Lips?

The use of natural fillers to modify the shape of your lips is an option to improve the volume, definition, or shape.

It consists of the application of Hyaluronic Acid, a substance present in the human body since childhood, responsible for moisturizing the skin tissues and generating a smooth and youthful appearance.

The application of this substance in the adult age allows incorporating water in the tissues, which causes an increase in the volume and smoothness.

2.- Thick, Fleshy Lips

Angelina Jolie's beauty is an example of thick, full lips, which project the image of overflowing sensuality, beautiful, and enigmatic.

Fleshy mouth is sensual and speak of the enjoyment of life and passion.

Tat makes her an outgoing and passionate women. The doctor can achieve fleshy, sensual lips with applications on the lower and upper lips.

The results are amazing and transform the entire face of the patient.

3.- Thin Lips

Thin lips express determination and willpower, like the personality of the actress Emma Watson.

They are the lips of someone who have no limits to her projects and who will always fight to achieve her personal goals.

Besides, Thin Lips project an expression of intelligence that captivates and makes many people respect.

In the case of extremely thin lips, the filling can increase the volume to give more freshness to the facial contour.

Choosing the right treatment

There are several brands of hyaluronic acid on the market, such as Juvederm, Belotero, or Derma Evolution. The doctor will recommend the best option according to the patient’s conditions and the desired effects.

4.- Irregular lips

Irregular, or asymmetrical lips indicate an emotional and impulsive person. You never know how far your emotions and temperament will take you.

Actress Jeniffer Aniston is an example and shows that asymmetrical lips can also be attractive.

Filler applications can solve problems of lack of symmetry that may affect the harmony of the face.

5.- Thicker Lower Lip

Jennifer Lopez is a good example of a lower lip that is fuller than the upper lip.

This type of lip is typical of people who take risks and dare to perform actions that no one else dares.

They are curious and not afraid to take the initiative in all aspects of life. The application of filler only on the lower lip offers a more youthful appearance to the whole face.

How do they apply the treatment?

The hyaluronic acid treatment consists of small injections. The doctor will recommend the amount and the area of the application according to the goals of the patient.

The doctor uses different injection methods and gently massage to achieve the best absorption of the filler in the appropriate points.

You’ll get the treatment at the doctor’s office without hospitalization or after-care. The patient may immediately return to his normal activities, although the doctors recommend not to do intense exercises and to avoid shocks for a few hours.

Remember that you can choose a surgical system too! Meet the options at Vive Plastic Surgery in Tijuana.

6.- Straight Lips

The lips of Penelope Cruz have a very smooth curve in Cupid's Bow, which gives her mouth a straight appearance, of great horizontal length.

These kinds of lips reveal a generous attitude towards others and an optimistic outlook on life.

They are people who generate confidence and project good sense.

They can be rounded off or acquired in volume with injections in the central area, above and below.


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