Strip lips at Vive Medical Spa

Strip lips is the best technique to fix your lips  in Tijuana Find the best solution for migrated lips is at Vive Medical Spa, where the doctors have continuous training […]

 Why do women lose hair?

Women lose hair too! Not only men. That’s a fact. For many women, the loss of their hair is a real problem. Women can experience hair loss due to several […]

 Training time at Vive Medical Spa!

Training time! The constant training of the doctors and staff of Vive Spa Médico is the secret of its success. The excellent results achieved by aesthetic medicine specialists are thanks […]

Cheek filler. Benefits and best combinations!

Cheek filler treatment is a cosmetic procedure to beautify the cheeks and face. It helps to fill hollow cheeks, and sharp cheekbones, repair asymmetry, and eliminate wrinkles, among others. The […]

Are you a candidate for CO2 treatment?

You may be a candidate for the CO2 laser. This treatment solves problems such as aging, wrinkled or sun-damaged skin. You are a candidate if you are interested in improving […]

The benefits of Morpheus 8 on body and face

Enjoy the benefits of Morpheus 8 on the body and face. The Morpheus 8 treatment is one of the most advanced in aesthetic medicine. It provides immediate improvement to skin […]

How to protect your skin in winter

Protect your skin with the best winter treatments. You can protect yourself from the unwanted effects of dryness. In the winter months, the skin suffers from the consequences of cold […]

Hydrafacial. Incredible benefits to your skin

Watch the lovely benefits of Hydrafacial on your skin. Enjoy the best treatment for skin enhancement, rejuvenation, and erasing skin spots. The Hydrafacial treatment is not aggressive. It doesn’t use […]


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