What is Dysport and what is it used for?

Dysport is one of the main products that aesthetic medicine has to give effective and lasting treatments against wrinkles. It is an alternative brand to Botox, as it is of European origin and manufactured by another laboratory, although it has basically the same component, Botulinum Toxin Type A.

The main difference with Botox is that the molecule with which it is administered is different, so it produces a slightly different effect and stays longer.

The injection specialist should determine when to use Botox and when Dysport. Both products have all international safety certifications, so the choice is only based on their effectiveness according to the type of effects sought.

A basic difference is that Dysport has a faster and longer effect, so it is often the most convenient choice.

How Botox and Dysport differ
Both products contain Botulinum Toxin Type A, a bacterium that relaxes muscles and that in aesthetic medicine fulfills the function of eliminating wrinkles, especially of the face and neck.

The difference is that Dysport has less concentration and is applied through a larger molecule, so it stays longer with its action.

In addition, its total effects are manifested before Botox, around the first day, while for Botox to act fully, up to seven days are required.

Do you need an application of almost immediate effect, to fulfill a social commitment? In this case Dysport is the best option.

It should be remembered that both products begin to act from the first moment, and that the patient observes a muscle relaxation from the initial minutes. However, its more lasting effect takes time to manifest itself a few hours or days.

Apply With Experts
The effect of Botulinum Toxin Type A is to prevent the passage of nerve impulses that make the muscles contract, so the effect of muscular relationship almost completely eliminates wrinkles, regardless of the patient’s age.

A very important element is to always apply it with certified and specialized doctors. On the face there are veins and nerve endings that are extremely delicate, so only a doctor with knowledge of anatomy and experience in the effects of softness is enabled to apply it.

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