Weight Loss

Weight Loss And Kybella

Dr. Sergio Verduzco is a big fan of Kybella. While the injection is “the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment” to reduce fat under the specific area of ​​the chin, she is seeing it doing amazing things in other areas of the body, such as the upper arms, the saddlebags of the thighs and the knees. , support line, abdomen, love handles, muffin tops, upper back thighs and even inner thighs.

“Kybella, which is deoxycholate [a salt derived from bile similar to the one that naturally produces the gallbladder] acts by emulsifying and, therefore, destroying the fat cells in the areas where it is injected,” he says. “The body’s immune system then reabsorbs the remains of fat cells in a period of one to three months.

As explained by Dr. Sergio Verduzco, Kybella emulsifies fat cells permanently, so the results are “permanent”. ), then the residual fat cells will accumulate larger amounts of fat and will become larger, therefore, reducing the appearance of the fat reduction result. “


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