True or False: Botox Myths and Realities

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Myths and realities of Botox. Do you dare to play True or False?

How much do you know about botox? We challenge you to demonstrate your knowledge or surprise yourself with data you did not know about this effective beauty treatment. You will not be able to hit even half of the questions.

1.- Botox is used to fill the lips, if you use it you will look like Angelina

False. Botox is not a filler, it is a protein that relaxes facial muscles for a certain time. It allows to effectively treat wrinkles on the face, such as those on the forehead and the contours of the eyes.

2.- Botox is only a trademark. There are different similar products with the same effects

True. Botox is the best known brand, but there are others that contain similar substances, with differences between them that should be evaluated to offer you the best treatment.

3.- The effects of Botox last between four and six months

True. It is not a permanent treatment but an application whose effects have different durations, whether a few months or more.

4.- You can only use it twice a year

True. Botox is very effective, but if used more frequently it can lose its effectiveness. However, in studies conducted by Botox, among 718 patients, only 2 formed resistance. In other words, it does happen, but it is very rare.

5.- Botox injections are used in various treatments, not only beauty

True. Botox injections are a treatment indicated for migraines, strabismus, blinking, even when you perspire too much in the armpits or hands!

6.- It is a dangerous substance

False. Any substance handled in an inappropriate and unprofessional manner can be harmful to the body. Botox, like any other medicine, must be applied by expert medical personnel.

7.- It is so expensive that only celebrities can use it

False. Botox treatment is available to anyone, know the advantages of a treatment in our facilities of Vive Spa Medical of Tijuana, where we offer you an attractive payment plan.

8.- Botox is for older people who want to look young.

False. This treatment is recommended for all ages, in different doses and according to the requirements of each individual patient.

9.- Using Botox prevents aging.

True. Botox used by young people can prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles. It is recommended to use it between 20 and 30 years as a way to prevent the formation of signs with age.

10.- In some cases Botox causes the face to swell

False. Botox does not cause swelling, although a poorly performed procedure can cause them. That’s why you should always go to a certified professional.


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