The truth about Botox you should know

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Botox is the trade name for Botulinum Toxin Type A, a substance used in aesthetic medicine since the 1980s to beautify the face and remove wrinkles.

Its action consists of relaxing the muscles to erase the lines of expression because it blocks the nerve impulses that generate a muscle contraction. Therefore, its application in controlled doses allows the elimination of marks and furrows on the face.

See the seven points about this substance that you should know.


One: The younger you are, the better the effects, and the less Botox you need.

The preventive application of Botox from the age of 20 is called Baby Botox. What Botox does is relax the muscles and prevent them from generating wrinkles over time.
With this, you improve your appearance and avoid wrinkles.
Botox is not only to fight the effects of the age. Besides, it helps to relax the muscles on the face that causes wrinkles at any age.
Using Botox from your twenties, you may free your facial muscles and avoid the lines of expression that the time forms during the entire life.

Two: Botox does not give volume or cause facial paralysis.

It is false that Botox increases your lips or any other area. Botox is not a filler but a muscle softener.

The action of the substance consists of relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles

The doctor injects it according to the goals of the patient, at the exact point, and depth needed.

The effect is not a paralysis of the muscles but the softness of the skin, giving beauty and young appearance.

Three: Time of effect.

Botox gives immediate results, but you will start to see the main changes within 3 to 10 days and in the following months.

The full effect comes after six months. Then, the active substance will be naturally absorbed by the body without any adverse effect.

The doctor will tell you how many sessions you’ll require in a year, for having the best results.

Four: There are several techniques to apply Botox.

You should ask your doctor who specializes in injections to find out which type of application is best for you.

They can be small incisions or a single one that allows dosing in a large area, with a fan or line technique.

The doctor uses a small syringe to apply the exact dose to the right positions in the face. The goal is to reach the points where the wrinkles develop and to get free the muscles of any tension.

forehead wrinkles

Five: Botox attacks the expression lines.

What you can improve with Botox: Erase expression lines, crow's feet, forehead furrows, frown lines, and others.
Every facial gesture has its wrinkles. Look at yourself in the mirror and make your expressions: laugh, get angry, cry, or be surprised. You will see which points on your face you should pay attention to, right now!
In those points, you'll have wrinkles, or lines of expressions.
The forehead lines are formed by the action of several muscles, mainly to express emotions, like a surprise, fear, or disgust. Through time, those lines remain permanently, due to the loss of skin elasticity.

Six: Botox prevents sweating

Dou you have heavy perspiration?

Botox is the solution for those who have the problem of excessive sweating. For people who always have their shirt wet, even in cold weather, or have wet hands!

Botox is a medical solution to avoid sweating because it blocks the nervous impulse top the sweating glands. You can be dry all day without having collateral risk.

Besides, Botox is an excellent option in cases of patients with nervous tics, strabismus, or headache. The muscle block helps them to improve their life.

Seven: Did you know that there are several brands and prices?

Botox is actually in the most famous commercial name of Botulinum Toxin Type A, the substance that erases wrinkles and relaxes muscle tension.

You can also found the same substance in different presentations and formulas according to the effects you want.

Some types of Botox may last longer; others are softer for thin lines, deeper, to heavy folds, and others have immediate effect. Ask the Doctor!


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