The best Botox for young people in Tijuana

Come to Tijuana and see how you can improve your beauty with Botox, a treatment that young people have adopted under the name of Baby Botox.

In just a few years, many young people have turned into Botox as a medical beauty treatment. Although for a long time, people thought that Botox was only for removing wrinkles in older people, in recent years, a new generation discovered the benefits of this substance.

Botox applied to the face or the body, relax muscles, prevent fine lines, and have incredible beauty results in young men and women.

In cities like New York or Paris, the centers of aesthetic medicine changed, stopped looking like hospitals, and began to acquire the appearance of bars, boutiques, and lounges, under the name of Botox bars.

To prevent and relaxing

The best part of using Botox is the immediate effect of relaxing the muscles of the face, avoiding expression lines that make unwanted gestures or generate wrinkles around de eyes or in the forehead.

Besides, Botox has a long-term effect because it stops the process of developing wrinkles, preventing early wrinkles at 30 years old.

The treatment must be administrated by a doctor skilled and experienced in injections because they know the place to inject and the doses that you need.

How does it works?

Botox is the popular name for Botulinum Toxin Type A, a substance that temporarily obstructs the chemical contact from the nerves to the muscles. The injections of this toxin are practiced in several medicine fields, although the most remarkable results were in esthetic medicine. The Botox, also called just the toxin, is regularly used from the 1980 decade in medicine, first for correcting involuntary muscular movements, and from then in aesthetic medicine for eliminating wrinkles, facial imperfections, or to softening expressions.

The best about Botox for young people

The reasons for using Botox regularly from 20 years old is to prevent the wrinkles and to relax the muscles of the face, without impeding natural facial expressions.

These are Seven advantages that you can have when using regularly little amounts of Baby Botox:

1.- Beautifies naturally

The natural face with soft and pure lines is always considered more beautiful. That’s why Botox is a great aid to soften the muscles with an organic and natural result.

2.- Relaxes the muscles

Botox is a scientific way to relax the muscles of the face and any other part of the body. This softens the lines of the face, and at the same time eliminates imperfections.

3.- Eliminates early Wrinkles

While relaxing the muscles, Botox eliminates wrinkles present in the face even in young people caused by muscle contractions or damage due to the environment.

4.- Prevents wrinkles

The treatment of Botox in young people is a demonstrated way to prevent wrinkles caused by age, that appear after 30 years old. Wrinkles are the permanent remainings of lines of expression, and Botox can avoid generating those lines.

5.- Smooths natural gestures

The human face makes gestures naturally, which can create deep lines of expression throughout the years. Botox makes a harmonic gesture that helps to improve the natural beauty of the face.

6.- Small doses

For young people, the treatment of Botox requires smalls quantities of the substance, because the organism reacts easily to it having the best effects.

7.- Emergency treatments

Botox can be injected in a short session of 20 minutes at the office of the doctor. The first effects show immediately and the total results appear in two days. The effect lasts for six months. That’s an ideal treatment for social compromises.


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