Take that tattoo off your skin!

Are you tired or ashamed of that ugly tattoo? Come to Tijuana to erase it, safely and with no pain. At Vive Medical Spa, the doctors can recommend you the best system for tattoo removal. Especially with Laser, the most effective and fast system to take it off your skin.

A tattoo is an inkjet regularly located under the skin, in the deepest area called the dermis.

The tattooist inserts the ink under the skin, so it cannot be washed or discolored. Only the most superficial tattoos lose definition and color over the years.

The most effective system to erase a tattoo is the Laser application, which decomposes the area of the dermis that was painted by the ink. The laser treatment promotes the appearance of new cells without affecting other tissues or modifying the condition or color of the skin.

The application of laser light is the most favorable system for obtaining the best results. Besides, there are others such as the application of acid, or Intense Pulsed Light, both recommended for other purposes.

Bye-bye, old tatoo

The person must go to the doctor's office for one or several laser sessions, depending on the size of the tattoo.
First, the doctor applies cream to the area, and then microscopic shots of laser light are used to literally "burn" the areas where there are pigments.
Depending on each case, more than one application may be necessary.
Each session does not last more than 30 minutes, and the person can immediately continue with his/her normal activities without any problem.
Laser light penetrates the deepest layers of the skin to apply intense heat at the required wavelength, which allows it to reach the cells and renew them without affecting nearby tissues.
The tattoo ink is absorbed naturally by the body without causing any further damage.

How much time does it take?

The results depend on the time the tattoo has been in place, but also on the colors used. The Laser allows adapting the intensity of the shot to different wavelengths that correspond to different colors.

Generally, the first tone to disappear is black, which regularly represents almost half of the tattoo. Later, the green and the blue, and finally the red and orange.

Regularly, older tattoos are easier to remove than recent ones, because the ink has decomposed over time. Newer ones are more resistant and require more applications.

What is Spectra?

The Laser Spectra system consists of the application of controlled flashes of laser luminosity on the skin.
Besides the tattoo, it allows removing imperfections such as acne, blemishes, freckles, or even scars.
When applied to tattoos, Spectra manages to dissolve the ink adhered under the epidermis, which is eliminated in a completely natural way by the body, without leaving any marks or scars.
It can be applied safely to any body area, including the face, neck, torso, or arms. It doesn'thurt, and doesn't leave any mark.

Immediate tatoo erasing

Although the total erasure of the tattoo will take the time necessary for the body to absorb the ink applied under the skin, the effects can be seen immediately with the naked eye

During the application, a slight layer of superficial skin will be removed without bleeding and without pain. At the subcutaneous level, the effect becomes evident in the immediate removal of the tattoo.

Among its advantages is that the skin does not suffer deterioration, and the patient can continue with his normal activities immediately after the application.

Finally, you can find a solution to any esthetical problem at Vive Medical Spa and Vive Plastic Surgery in Tijuana.


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