Soprano Laser in Tijuana.

Soprano Laser is the best system for hair removal. Find it at VIVE Medical Spa in Tijuana and get healthy skin while you enjoy it!

Skincare will always be an accompaniment to beauty. At VIVE Medical Spa, we know that health and wellness are the basic components for looking good. That’s why we offer you the best treatments to achieve your goals.

Meet the new Soprano Laser system, a revolutionary device for skin care and to achieve perfect hair removal, without damaging the epidermis.

Soprano allows you to remove hairy areas from all areas of your body where you need it.

The treatment is painless, without redness, burning, or dehydration.

The Soprano system consists of the emission of a high-precision laser pulse that allows focusing on specific areas for treatment without affecting the skin or surrounding tissues.

Its application is performed by highly qualified and trained personnel to achieve the best results, always under the supervision of a doctor specializing in Aesthetic Medicine, which achieves both beautiful and healthy results.

Besides, the VIVE Medical Spa facilities will make you feel comfortable. Enjoy!


What is Soprano for?


The Soprano is the latest technology for the beauty of the skin. It uses a laser beam that operates at different wave frequencies, to reach all the hair you want to get free. 

The Soprano is state-of-the-art in Laser treatments that differ from the previous systems and leave them obsolete. 

Using Soprano, the Laser heat penetrates the exact layers of the skin targeting the follicles at the precise level of heat.

As a result, the unwanted hair falls like the leaves of a tree in the autumn.

How does it Work? ​

The secret of Soprano is to deliver different laser waves to reach the exact points where the hair roots are located.

The waves of the Laser beam do not cause damage to the deep layers of the skin and target with high precision the follicles of any hair, avoiding its growth.

The hair follicles absorb the Laser energy that destroys the roots of the hair. Besides, the skin gets a smooth treatment to make it more luminous and brighter.

Another factor is that the skin can be more or less tolerant to the waves of heat depending on its color, so the beam must be controlled to give the exact amount of energy that you need for the best results.

Benefits of Soprano

  • Remove unwanted hair. For many men and women, unwanted hair is a nightmare. It grows, again and again, no matter what they do. For them, Soprano is paradise. They can relax and enjoy a gentle heat that eliminates the hair from any area of the body.


  • It’s for beauty and health. Losing unwanted hair is a matter of beauty and health, especially in the most sensitive areas of the body, where you need it the most!


  • It works for any kind of hair. With no redness or pain for sensitive areas such as the axles, the face, or around the genitalia.


  • It’s a great help. For women who suffer from hairy skin in some areas such as the stomach, the chest, or even the breast and on the anus and perineum. This growth is natural and depends on genetic conditions. You can get free of it with Soprano.


  • Soprano works with every type of skin. It doesn’t matter the tone, color, thickness, or any other condition, healthy or damaged. The secret is that the doctor may modulate the intensity regarding the special kind of your skin.


  • Sessions are quicker. To reach the hair follicles, Soprano combines three types of laser waves, to reach all ranges of hair and skin, each session may last between 10 to 20 minutes.


  • It’s healthy. This is because the Laser beam makes the skin recover from imperfections.


Before performing the Soprano treatment, the skin must be completely clean, without any type of cream lotion, to avoid any substance getting between the skin and the laser pulses, modifying its behavior.

The skin must not have any other depilatory treatments, such as waxing or any other. 

Laser waves act according to the skin tone, so the professional will consider covering tattoos, dark spots, or tanned areas. Regularly, the haired areas of the body are less exposed to the sun, especially the “private parts”. So, it’s important to re-arrange the system for those areas.

Before the treatment, the professional will explore your skin, and set the exact parameters you need, according to your age, gender, skin condition, or level of growth of the hair.

A smooth gel cream will prepare your skin and you’ll wear special dark glasses to protect your eyes.

The ambiance of the office will make you feel safe and comfortable, to enjoy the treatment as a relaxation opportunity.

Post-treatment care

The treatment is gentle and soft. After having it, you can go back to your regular activities. Your caregiver may give you a soft cream to prevent discomfort.

You may need six to ten sessions, with intervals between them from four, to eight weeks.

You’ll feel the change immediately, but the most beautiful change will occur after a week. The unwanted hair will fall out and the area will feel better.

On the first day, protect your skin from sun exposure and excessive heat. Avoid sauna or bathing with hot water for a complete day.

Why come to VIVE Medical Spa?

-Get a solution if you have an excess of hair in any area of your body.

-Stop suffering from aggressive treatments that hurt your skin.

-Meet the doctors to have a complete medical exam to determine the kind of hair and the best treatment for you.

-Enjoy a lovely environment with trained personnel to your service.

-Experience Soprano, because it’s completely different from other treatments.


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