Say bye-bye to crow’s feet in Tijuana

For many people, the crow’s feet appeared one day without warning. Many men and women, as they crossed the 40-yard line, looked in the mirror, and asked themselves:

Hey, when did appear these wrinkles around my eyes?

Maybe the wrinkles always formed between the eyes and the temples. Although regularly they disappeared when you relaxed. From a certain point, they didn’t go away anymore.

Why do the crow’s feet appear?

The eyes wrinkles do not only depend on age but also hereditary factors and the type of skin of each person. It depends on whether there were sun abuse and various other factors.

That means that you may have crow’s feet at an early age before the ’40s, or notice signs that it will be permanent shortly.

For many people, “crow’s feet” become a problem because that affects their appearance and give an aged look.

What can you do?

There’s a lot of possible solutions for wrinkles in the face, from surgery to rejuvenating creams.

One of the best options is Botox.

The facial tension that creates wrinkles can be naturally relaxed using Botulinic Toxin Type-A, regularly known as Botox. The substance that erases the wrinkles and softens the skin, mainly around the eyes and in the forehead.

Remember that you can solve any esthetic problem with or without surgery. For surgery, consult Vive Plastic Surgery in Tijuana.

What do Crow's Feet are?

Crow's feet are the wrinkles formed on the outer edges of the eyes. They are the result of rigidity of the muscles after many years helping us to blink, look, and even to laugh.
Over time, the muscles lose their elasticity, no longer return to their place, and remain contracted.
Since the '80s, there's a solution for relaxing the muscles, as the most effective remedy for wrinkles: Botox.

The Truth About Botox


Botox is composed of a substance called Botulinum Toxin. This substance interrupts the nerve impulses that make the muscles contract.

For moving any part of the body, the brain orders the nerve cells to release certain substances that make the muscles work, but Botox does not let them pass and prevents muscle contraction.

Applied in small doses and at the right points, Botox produces muscle relaxation.

The result? Wrinkles will disappear from the skin surface, as the muscles that cause them will relax. And you can see the immediate in the mirror!

A Scientific Breakthrough

The component of Botox began to be used in medicine from the ’80s, with excellent results in aesthetic medicine but also in other cases where the doctors need to stop the muscle function.

People who suffer from involuntary movements in their face or another body part, or people who suffer from excessive sweating, have in Botox a first-class medical ally.

Can Botox erase crow's feet?

First of all, our team of expert doctors in cosmetic injections must evaluate you. Once approved, the doctors decide the amount of Botulinum Toxin considered necessary, in the right points, and at the required depth.

After the treatment, you can go back to normal activities. Although, you must maintain certain restrictions during the first day, such as not exercising, avoid blows, not drinking alcohol, or taking certain medications.

Botox remains approximately for 4 months, and then the substance is naturally eliminated by the body without any complications.

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