Post-Op Bra.

Our new FlexFit™ stabilizing bra provides a built-in elastic implant stabilizing band that helps stabilize the upward movement of implants after breast augmentation procedures. 

Designed with our FlexFit™ cups and adjustable fasteners, this bra accommodates size fluctuations due to swelling and features padded shoulder straps with hook-and-eye fasteners for a total fit. Our patented fabric has superior elasticity to prevent binding, provides cooling and moisture wicking, and active silver antimicrobial protection. Machine washable.

FlexFit™ bra cups.
∙Implant stabilizing band with positioning guides.
∙Padded shoulder straps with hook-and-loop fastener.
∙Outer seams.
∙Extended longline length to prevent intramammary folding.
∙Soft and elastic lower band


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