Multi-rejuvenating and multi-nourishing cream.

GLOBAL-REPAIR is a complete anti-aging treatment that treats all the problems of devitalized skin.

Discover a complete anti-aging facial cream. Its concentrated formula effectively and visibly combats the signs of aging, such as dehydration, pronounced wrinkles, lack of firmness, sagging of facial contours, irregularities, and a dull complexion.

  • Revitalising nutrition
    3 super-nutrients [ceramides + omegas + vitamins] work together to restore the skin’s suppleness and vitality 


  • Complete anti-aging action
    50 mesoingredients + 4 cellular boosters inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques that combine to act on all signs of skin aging.

  • Acts all day long
    This rich-textured cream can be used as a day cream and as a sleeping mask* at night.

Velvety finish – 50 ml jar.

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