Follow These Tips For The Best Results

When a patient goes to Vive Medical Spa, he receives the highest level of attention from doctors and health professionals specialized in the application of non-invasive aesthetic procedures.

Before starting your treatment, an evaluation of your health condition will be performed. This evaluation includes basic aspects such as age, previous illnesses, treatments, weight or body mass index.

Not all patients react in the same way to treatments, so it is important to have a prior consultation to design the best professional care program for you.

It is very important that during the interview with the health professional, the patient comments on his background and his goals. In the same way, the patient must be fully aware of their expectations and to be realistic about the possibilities of improvement.

The patient must follow the indications that have been made regarding food, previous care such as hair removal, sun exposure, use of medications, and consumption of alcohol or fats.

The procedure to be performed will be determined by mutual agreement between the doctor and the patient, based on the objectives and conditions of each person.

Photographs will be taken to check your physical condition, before and after the procedure. These photos are part of the medical record and will be protected by medical information protocols and personal data protection.

We recommend the patient to ask all the necessary questions, such as the duration of the procedure, possible discomforts or frequency of the required applications.

A patient of Vive Medical Spa always receives a warm and friendly treatment from the people who attend it, who respond to all their requirements to ensure their best well-being.

Before Botox And Fillers

Botox, fillers and other treatments include injections on the skin. For that, it is necessary a profound study of the face or body structure, to decide the amount of product, depth or place to be injected.

The doctor could use a pen to mark the points in the skin to be treated. These marks are easily removable and the ink is completely sterile.

A soft anesthetic cream could be used to prevent discomfort during the procedure. Feel free to talk to your doctor about your sensations or anything that can be worrying you.

The doctor does not perform every treatment that the patients can ask for, because he must consider the results or possible risks, always looking for the best options for the patient.

As responsible aesthetic professionals, we will only perform a treatment if we consider it a suitable and safe option for the patient. If we are not convinced that the treatment is necessary or that the results meet the patient’s expectations, we will not perform the procedure.

The healthier is the skin, better will be the results, so you must take care of your skin and general health before the procedure. Eat healthy food, do not smoke, and keep hydration to your body. Not try any unusual treatment in your skin before you go to the clinic to avoid unexpected results.


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