Masseter Muscle

The thinning of the jaw with Botulinum therapy is a non-invasive procedure that is gaining popularity. BOTOX is used to thin the jaw line by reducing the volume of the chewing muscle known as the masseter. An injection of BOTOX causes the muscle to atrophy or thin the chewing muscle or the masseter. Dr. Sergio Verduzco offers this advanced method of thinning the jaw for patients who feel their jaw is too wide. This may be due to a number of factors, such as bone, fat or an enlarged muscle in the lower external area of the cheek, all of which can give a broad appearance to the lower jaw.

The Ideal Candidate For Treatment

The best candidates to contour the jaw are:

  • Patients with a wide jaw due to a too large masseter muscle
  • Patients with a desire to improve the appearance of their jaw.
  • Patients who wish to reduce the flare and width of a wide jaw line without surgery
  • Patients looking for a better facial harmony and a more oval facial shape.

How Is The Treatment?

Dr. Sergio Verduzco can thin the jaw with a neuromodulator injection (such as BOTOX, Dysport or Xeomin). Dr. Sergio Verduzco will use a very thin needle to minimize pain and may also use a numbing cream if the patient is sensitive to the discomfort. Numbing cream usually takes approximately 15-20 minutes to affect patients. Most patients need two treatments, but the range is usually 1-3 (spaced a month apart). In general, the thinning of the jaw is well tolerated and extremely popular in our practice.


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