How many CO2 laser sessions do you need?


Find out how many CO2 laser sessions you need to obtain excellent results at VIVE Medical Spa in Tijuana, Mexico, to repair imperfections and achieve beautiful skin.

The skin is our letter of introduction to the world. The facial skin is what everyone looks at when interacting with us.

Present your best face and appearance for personal, social, and professional success.

You can achieve it with VIVE Medical Spa of Tijuana treatments.

Read on this same page the factors that can solve your problems in just one session or if you may need up to four sessions.

CO2 Laser power to achieve your goals

Learn about the results you can achieve with CO2 Laser, an advanced system that uses laser pulses modulated by carbon dioxide gas.

This system is one of the best to eliminate damaged skin and regenerate new tissue.

Besides, the doctors recommend CO2 Laser for various types of skin damage, especially on the face.

The best targets are wrinkles caused by age or dryness, acne scars, or surgical or accident scars.

The treatment is also highly effective in solving problems such as color spots caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

Besides, spots reveal loss of melamine generally caused by age or hereditary characteristics.

What does the treatment consist of, and how many sessions are needed?

Regularly you may need one or two sessions in light wrinkles and three to four sessions in deep wrinkles.

Besides, you can remove skin stains or acne scars in one session or two to three sessions.

High-Energy or Low

You can have a Low or High energy treatment according to your conditions and personal goals.

The doctors perform CO2 laser treatment in a few sessions of high intensity, called ablative treatment, or with several sessions of low power, called fractional treatment.

The Low treatment takes more sessions, and you don’t need special aftercare.

In the High-Energy treatment, you’ll have quick results, but you should

Each session lasts between 20 to 50 minutes, and the intervals between them are two or more weeks.

Depending on the problems to be solved, you may require a higher power, which can lead to great results.

Also, high power slows recovery times by up to 10 days.

During that time, in high-intensity cases, your skin may appear reddened and more sensitive than regular.

The best CO2 Treatment for you

Your esthetic doctor will recommend the treatment according to your skin condition and after a medical examination.

VIVE Medical Spa of Tijuana’s treatments is personalized and designed for each patient to provide a solution to their unique beauty concerns.

One of the benefits of the CO2 Laser system is that it does not require many sessions to succeed.

The modulation of the laser energy waves allows attacking different problems and skin tones in just one session.


CO2 treatment gives you great results

After the complete treatment, the results have a long duration, depending on the skin condition and the patient’s age, among other factors.

Generally, its duration is between five and ten years.

Although the patient will feel and experience immediate changes in their skin, it takes several months to obtain the final results.

Finally, skin recovery with collagen production is an internal process of the organism that takes time.

However, you will feel better every day, and your skin will experience an immediate change.

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