Get the skin of the stars in Tijuana

Come to Vive Spa Médico de Tijuana and experience the Hollywood Peel treatment, the secret of the movie stars to maintaining the softness and elasticity of the skin.

The treatment is also known as Carboxytherapy or Activated Carbon Therapy.

The system is ideal for people like actors, models, or presenters who need to show off perfect skin because of the high public exposure.

It consists of the application of a carbon-based cream that cools and stimulates the skin, and then the use of laser shots to regenerate the tissues and provide a natural renewal of cells.

It is an excellent treatment to combat wrinkled or dry skin and to eliminate imperfections such as blemishes, purple under-eye circles, acne, or scars.

Express Treatment

Carboxitherapy or Hollywood Peel is a painless treatment without side effects applied at the doctor's office.
It lasts approximately half an hour, although the doctor may recommend more than one application.
The patient can immediately return to his or her daily activities, without any further procedure or need for rest.
It is ideal for very active people who must present their best image to others.
The Hollywood Peel treatment only requires about 30 minutes, for the application of a carbon mask and then the laser shots to regenerate the cells.

Laser Brunch

The Hollywood Peel is also called Laser Brunch, as it is usually applied quickly during lunchtime, with enough time to return to work the same day without marks on the skin.

The ideal for those who must meet social commitments and have little time for long treatments or require a prolonged period of recovery.

The patient starts to look radiant skin immediately, thanks to the laser stimulus. The stimulus in the pores of the skin by the laser shots also allow moisturizers and Vitamin A creams to penetrate the skin gently for a more effective action.​

What Does Carbon Do In The Skin?

The Activated Carbon treatment, or Carboxytherapy, is a non-invasive system that allows the regeneration of skin cells to correct wrinkles and imperfections.
It consists of the application of a carbon-based cream (CO2) that when impacted by laser penetrates the skin generating chemical reactions in the pores with a rejuvenating effect.
Carbon is an essential element of life. With the laser heat, it evaporates and penetrates the most superficial layer of the skin to provoke the chemical changes that favor cell regeneration.
It is almost impossible to perceive its action, except a tingling sensation or very slight stinging, which is never annoying.


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