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Do you know how you can get volume in your lips, for men and women? Do you know what is the safest and quickest method for the lips beauty?

Read the ten secrets for perfect lips.

1.- Will they inject silicone?

The answer is not. The substance that the doctors use is completely natural, nor foreign substances to the body.
Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that the body produces naturally in the early years for hydrating and shape the tissues.

2.- What do they exactly do?

The doctor uses a tiny syringe for inoculating the Hyaluronic Acid. It can be in different punctures or just once in the correct place.

3.- Does it hurt?

It doesn’t hurt. For sensitive persons, the sensation of the needle can be uncomfortable. For them, the doctors recommend a topic cream for soft anesthesia.

4.- Will the lips explode?

Your lips will never explode, even with a hard kiss! The substance for the filler is absorbed naturally by the body and the lips because the organism produces it in the first years of life.

5.- Will I have duck lips?

The correct injection will shape the lips with a natural volume, and a youthful appearance. The patient and the doctor can discuss the most convenient volume for the face contour.

6.- Is it permanent?

Not at all. The body naturally absorbs the filler, and after 6 or 8 months will completely disappear.

7.- Can I have more?

Yes. You can have the treatment again when the effect is over. it’s recommended twice in a year.

8.- Di I'll lose the lips sensibility?

Not at all. The injections don’t affect the sensations in the lips, nor make any numbness in the mouth.

9.- Can I go back and eliminate the filler?

Yes, if there is any problem, the doctor can eliminate the effect of the substance.

10.- Should I wait to kiss again?

You can kiss after the treatment, but we recommend to wait an hour before applying hard pressure.

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