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The Hyaluronic Acid treatment, also called Fillers, is a non-invasive system to achieve a significant improvement in the condition of the skin, so it is sought by patients from all over the world and of all ages.
In addition, fillers can accumulate water up to a thousand times more than its injected volume, which allows to achieve an increase in volume in any part of the body, whether in the lips, nose, chin, and even the buttocks!
Find it at the best price and with the best brands at VIVE Medical Spa in Tijuana, which has aesthetic doctors specialized in its application to achieve the best results in beauty for men and women.
Meet the internationally recognized brands of products, with the best results and approved by health agencies such as the American FDA and the Mexican Cofepris.
Come to Tijuana and consult with our medical team, specialists in injectable treatments and with the knowledge to achieve the beauty result you desire.

What is hyaluronic acid and
why do so many seek it?

Hyaluronic acid is a completely natural substance. It is found in the human body in the first years of life and during all stages of growth. It is this substance that produces smooth, soft skin, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
Collagen is a protein that generates skin and cartilage, while elastin provides youth and elasticity to the skin. 
It is the natural substance of youth and life!
However, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body begins to decrease in adulthood, leading to premature aging, dry skin and wrinkles.
How would you feel if you had this substance replenished, with formulas produced in the best laboratories in the world?

The results of Fillers on the skin

The first recognized effects of hyaluronic acid are the increase of volume in the area of application.
Various areas of the body can be filled naturally with this substance, which is why the treatments are called “fillers”.
In the lips it is possible to increase their volume and shape with injections, while wrinkles and deep furrows can also be filled and completely erased.
Its application in the face is mainly directed to the following areas.
-Lip augmentation
-Smile lines (facial expressions)
-Nasolabial folds (wrinkles from the sides of the nose to the mouth)
-Marionette furrows (from the mouth to the chin)
-Jaw contour (mandibular shape)
-Cheeks projection (cheekbone augmentation)
-Rhinomodeling (correcting the shape of the nose).

In the body, fillers achieve the augmentation of areas where more volume is sought. One of the favorite spots is the injection in the buttocks, to achieve the sexiest and most beautiful shape and volume.
Look at the results of buttock fillers! You won’t believe it!

Hyaluronic Acid application points on the body.
-Knees, etc.

How is the application?

In any of its presentations and brands, fillers are applied by means of injections that penetrate under the skin to stimulate collagen and generate natural volume.

The treatment is performed only once in the spa or office, with no need for aftercare. Sometimes, the doctor recommends a simple application of ice on the area to prevent swelling.
It is also indicated during the first hours not to expose the treated area to shocks, heat, or any other possible aggression on the skin.
Its effects begin to be noticed immediately, although its full action will be seen in two or three days. They last approximately six months to two years, depending on the product applied and the area where it is injected.

What brands are applied at VIVE Medical Spa?

At VIVE Medical Spa we use the best brands, produced by internationally recognized laboratories and approved by the American FDA and Mexican and European health agencies.
Each brand presents lines according to their application and the intensity of their effects. Whether for fine, moderate and deep lines, and to give varying degrees of volume in the body or face.
Consult your doctor for the brand formula you need to obtain the beauty results you are looking for.
-Derma Evolution

The substance is presented as a pleasant gel that is not felt when injected and begins to take effect immediately. You will feel the change, the moisturizing and the increase in volume in your own body.
Most of the formulas produced by these brands contain Lidocaine, among other mild anesthetic to avoid any discomfort or pain. Just enjoy!

Can its effects be reversed?

The results of treatment with Fillers are temporary. Hyaluronic acid in its various forms dissolves naturally in the body after a period of time.

There are no contraindications for the patient to undergo the treatment again once the effects fade.

If the patient wishes, the effects can be immediately reversed with the use of Hyaluronisade, a substance that counteracts the effects and eliminates the injected substance.

Russian lip injection technique

Come to VIVE Medical Spa, the beauty clinic that is up to date with the best innovations in the world of fillers.
Meet the lip augmentation with Russian technique. This system avoids unnaturally bulging lips, the so-called “duck lips”, and allows instead a completely anatomical and natural effect, with a beautiful and sensual shape.
The system consists in the application at multiple points of the lip contour to generate the best enhancement with great definition in the lip border lines. It allows to highlight the cupid’s bow and to project the lower lip in the most harmonious way.
Another system is the so-called fan technique, which consists in the application of a single injection from which the product is distributed to different areas.

Know the results in Rhinomodelation (Nose Fillers)

One of the best results in fillers is Rhinomodeling, which consists in giving the most harmonic shape to the nose.
It is a correction of the shape of the nose without surgery and in a non-permanent way. With the fillers it is possible to lift and project the tip, to achieve a rsdspingada nose effect, or even eliminate a hump or a sinking on the bridge or any other aesthetic discomfort.
In many occasions, the application of nose fillers is a good opportunity to test the possible effects of an aesthetic nose surgery, with a non-invasive and non-permanent system.

Facial furrows

The application of fillers allows the elimination of deep furrows, wrinkles or expression lines. Its action is especially concentrated in the lower part of the face, around the nose, cheekbones, neck and mouth.

Nasolabial folds

These are the deep wrinkles generated by age that go from the edges of the nose to the corner of the lips.

Marionette lines

Grooves that form between the edges of the mouth and chin and resemble the mouth of a marionette.

Rabbit lines

 Vertical lines that are generated above the lips.

Smile lines

 These are lines that form in the areas where you smile and become permanent over time.

Cheek fillers

The use of fillers allows to give shape and volume to the cheek area. The treatment lifts the cheekbones to achieve the so-called apple cheeks and a diamond-shaped face. It can be combined with chin augmentation to achieve an angular, beautiful and enigmatic face.

Jaw Contour (Jaw Contour) and Chin Projection (Chin Projection)

The Jaw Contour treatment is one of the treatments that offers the best results in facial beauty, since it allows to give projection to the jaw bones to generate a face with strong and marked angles. Its beautifying effects are sought after by men and women alike.
With chin projection, beautifying results can be achieved by increasing the chin forward, which produces a face with a strong character and sharp profile.

What a beautiful booty!

Buttock lift filler treatment is a favorite among our patients. Both men and women benefit in terms of appearance and body contour with the shaping of their buttocks thanks to hyaluronic acid.
Round buttocks are the most beautiful part of men and women!

Doctors regularly give injections using 50 ml syringes of hyaluronic acid for each buttock.
The doctor may use a technique called fanning. It consists of making an incision at a central point with the syringe to distribute the substance and fill the required area.

Depending on the patient’s needs, the physician may use the fan technique or several punctures separated by one or two centimeters.

The application is painless, although in some cases there may be some discomfort that is avoided with a mild anesthetic cream applied to the skin.
Some fillers have Novocaine, Lidocaine, or other anesthetics in their formulation to avoid any pain or discomfort.


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