Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, As long as you have received an online consultation, Paid of the total cost of the procedures, and blood work results are acceptable. Same day surgery is possible.

Natural-looking results are a priority for Vive Medical Spa, enhancing your inherent beauty according to your needs and expressed goals. Our Surgeons ability to deliver the most natural look possible has earned the respect and future preference of their patients, colleagues, and counterparts alike. often times, family members and friends may remark upon your more youthful appearance, However, they likely will not suspect that you had treatment without actually being informed.

We recommend that you travel light. Patients often bring loose comfortable clothes, basic hygiene, and simple material to keep yourself busy, i.e crossword puzzle, magazines, etc. Furthermore, less luggage, less weight you’ll have to carry.

Absolutely, Traveling alone can cause nervousness at times. Friends or family can provide a bit more sense of security. we have a variety of 5-star accommodations readily available to your counterparts at an additional cost.

Our staff will book your next Follow-up appointment. If you are in Tijuana for the next appointment, Drainage tubes or stitches will be removed in our office by our surgeons. Patients that are unable to come in following post-op, will need to contact their primary care physician to remove any post-op material adhered to your body.

We usually advise our patients to remain in Tijuana approximately 1-10 days post-surgery depending on the procedure, to ensure a safe recovery and optimal outcome.

Sometimes, after-care will be recommended and for this, we have special after-care accomodations with the best hotels very close to our practice. 

It is very important to acknowledge that everyone heals at a different rate. In addition to your unique Body shape and type, the length of recovery will depend upon the type and number of procedures you receive at once. Essentially, patients often times are able to return to their regular daily activities in approximately one to two weeks. Strenuous movement or positions, should be avoided for at least 5 weeks, unless one of our surgeons state otherwise.

Traveling from any part of the world to Tijuana Mexico is fairly simple and the process is fluid. you’ll need your original birth certificate, driver’s license or State Identification as a proof of citizenship. Copies of these documents is not needed.

Before going back home, we will provide all essential forms such as, post-op guidelines, instructions, medications, special post-op shaping garments according to the specified procedure(s).


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