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Meet our specialized medical team at Vive Medical Spa of Tijuana. See how they remove wrinkles and other signs of the passage of time.

Did you know that there are static and dynamic wrinkles, deep and superficial, soft, hard, and moderate? Each one requires a different treatment.

Come to Tijuana to get immediate results with the most advanced systems in the world for eliminating wrinkles.

Wrinkles do not appear suddenly. They are a result of the passage of time or damage in the skin caused by the ambient, sun, or dry.

A skilled doctor can tell from a very early age what wrinkles will appear on a person’s face. It depends on factors such as expression lines, lifestyle, health, hydration, sun exposure, and genetics.

Sometimes wrinkles become a problem for many patients who come to the doctor’s office because they need to maintain a youthful image or have seen it appear early in their life.

We show you everything you need to know about the different types of wrinkles and how to fight them.

The truth about lines and creases

As specialists say, wrinkles are part of the life and the natural element of aging.
Although, you can delay the process by applying treatments to recover from wrinkles caused by age, sun-expose, dehydration, pollutants, and smoking, among others.
Regularly, creases appear in the face, mainly the forehead, around the eyes, in cheeks, at the sides of the mouth, and chin.
Besides, hands and forearms are the most damaged by wrinkles.
Genetics is a critical part of wrinkles. It is responsible for skin texture and elasticity. See the options to get rid of wrinkles, to make them less visible, smoothing the skin, and filling creases.

Types Of Wrinkles


These wrinkles appear when a person moves some muscles. For example, when laughing, around the eyes, or when getting angry in the forehead and between the eyebrows. Most of the time, the people who have dynamic wrinkles do not notice it because, when looking at the mirror, they are relaxed.


These are the lines of expression that remain permanently on the face or neck. The most common are nasolabial folds, and marionette lines, that go at the sides of the nose and mouth.


The deep folds are in the internal area of the epidermis. This kind of wrinkles appear on the skin as permanent furrows and is the most common by aging.


They are on the outside of the skin and are small and short. They are usually associated with dynamic wrinkles.

Fine or moderate: 

They are those that have a long path and are superficial, although they remain in the skin.

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We show you seven treatments for each type of wrinkle. Consult our specialists about the best option for your skin.


1.- Botox: 

Botox relaxes the tension in the muscles under the skin, allowing to disappear the wrinkles. It’s mostly for dynamic wrinkles. It does not require recovery time, it acts immediately, although you need at least three weeks to see its full effect. It lasts from three to four months.

2.- Fillers: 

Hyaluronic acid is injected, a natural substance that generates healthy cells in the places where the skin is dry or damaged. It deeply moisturizes and provides fillers for deep wrinkles. It lasts between four to six months. It is used in static wrinkles, such as Nasogenian grooves, nose-lips wrinkles, or marionette lines.

3.- Dysport: 

It is a treatment similar to Botox but in lower concentrations and a more durable molecule. It allows smoothing the lines of the finest wrinkles for a longer time. The action is immediate.

4.- Chemical peel: 

A cream is applied to the skin that produces a cell regeneration reaction. It removes the damaged tissues and allows the appearance of new layers of healthy skin. It is used for deep wrinkles. It requires one to two weeks of recovery before regaining a normal appearance.

5.- Microneedling: 

A treatment of microscopic needles is applied to the skin and stimulates the production of new layers in the epidermis. It is necessary to wait until the new skin regenerates, and several sessions are used to treat the affected areas. For fine lines. The skin recovers in three days.

6.- CO2 Laser: 

A laser light of intense pulsations generates a microscopic elimination of the damaged cells of the skin, which are replaced by healthy cells. The treatment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, the natural substances that generate new tissue and give the skin elasticity. Two weeks are required for the complete recovery of the skin.

7.- Carboxytherapy: 

Also called Hollywood Peel. A black carbon-based cream is applied and then a laser beam is aimed directly at deep areas of the skin to stimulate the generation of new and healthy tissue.




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