Dr. Daniel explains the best non-invasive Face Lift

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Enjoy a facelift with no surgery. Reed to know all you must know for having PDO Threads in Tijuana. Have the best treatment for eliminating wrinkles or saggy skin without going to the operating room.

Meet Dr. Daniel Gallaga, he is a board-certified doctor for esthetic treatments. He is an expert and post-graduated in non-invasive beauty procedures. Now, Dr. Daniel is in Tijuana, and he explains to us several important points about PDO therapy.

PDO Threads facelift is a procedure for lifting the skin and tissues of the face or any other part of the body. It consists of temporary surgical suture under the skin, for repairing damaged tissues.

Indeed, this technique is common in heart surgery, as a suture in the most critical operations.

This suture creates new and young tissues, producing collagen and elastin, the materials for rejuvenating the face.

See the best option for a Face Lift using PDO Threads with Dr. Daniel, one of the most skilled doctors in this procedure.

Finally, you can find a solution to any esthetical problem at Vive Medical Spa and Vive Plastic Surgery in Tijuana.

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How do PDO threads work?

The PDO Threads is a revolutionary system for facial rejuvenation. It was introduced to medicine from the field of heart surgery for suture in the most sensitive points of the heart.
That's a great advance because the PDO Threads help to generate new tissues to repair the damaged ones. After that, they dissolve in the organism without any side effects.
For esthetic medicine, PDO Threads has amazing results, similar to the heart operations, because it helps to recover the natural stretch of the skin and tissues. PDO Threads eliminate wrinkles, and generate new tissues to support saggy skin. Besides, the suture helps to generate elasticity and tighten for the skin.
The doctor uses a fine needle to insert the threads under the skin. The PDO threads will remain unnoticed and will dissolve in a couple of weeks leaving long-term effects.

PDO in Esthetic Medicine and facelift

The PDO treatment in esthetic medicine allows reaching an immediate effect of rejuvenation and lifting just like a facelift without surgery.

At the same time, the threads stimulate the regeneration on the damaged skin, through the elastin and collagen production.

The most astonishing effects are in the face of the patient, but it’s effective in other areas like buttocks, knees, arms, and neck.

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Meet Dr. Daniel

Dr. Daniel Gallaga studied Medicine at Monterrey University, Mexico.
He has ten years of practice in Mexico, the US, and abroad.
He has experience as a medical specialist in esthetic clinics at Monterrey. During four years, he was a doctor for esthetic treatments in cruise ships spas, attending patients from all over the world.
He is post-graduated in non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments, as PDO threads, Injection, and Laser treatments, among others.
Because of his large experience and his skills as an esthetic specialist, he is a member of the professional staff al Vive Medical Spa of Tijuana.

The PDO treatment or facelift

The doctor inserts PDO threads under the skin, through an injection to implant them in its proper place.

After that, the doctor pulls the threads to generate the tension in the skin, leaving the string in the required internal points.

The threads are not visible from outside the skin, and the patient doesn’t notice it, but the improvement is perceptible from the first moment.

After one or two weeks, the surgical string will disappear naturally absorbed by the body. That generates new tissues and skin, smooth and tight.

The doctor may use different techniques according to the number of threads and the specific procedure, regularly without any pain or discomfort.

After the procedure, the patient may go back to their normal activities.

You’ll see the final effect after one month, and it will remain for a year.

A non-surgical facelift

PDO Threads facelift don’t have contraindications or side effects, but the doctor will examine you and check your clinic history, to prevent any risk.

PDO treatment is for any part of the body where firmness and elasticity may be needed. Doctor Daniel recommends PDO threads, for light and dense areas of wrinkles.

For deep wrinkles and saggy skin, he says that the best option is to add tension strings that help to hold together the tissues damaged by aging.

For the body, in a slim person with low body fat and damaged skin, the PDO treatment helps to rejuvenate and regenerate the elasticity and tightness.


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