Dermapen: Applications And Results

he Dermapen, is a pencil-shaped device composed of 11 titanium microneedles (tiny and ultrafine as well as painless) that help to naturally stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, acting on the patient’s own cells, which produce it.

This new fashion treatment, recently marketed in beauty centers and clinics, is ideal for those who want to have a much more perfect skin, visibly without wrinkles, smoother and toned.

It is recommended for all those women who want to stretch their skin without surgical methods and also for all those who wish to eliminate stretch marks from any part of the body, as well as acne scars or wounds, first wrinkles and enlarged pores. It is also excellent when there are problems of skin pigmentation.

It is a fully approved technique, which works by micropunciones in the skin, favoring the entry of active ingredients, which according to your skin type the specialist may include (vitamins, silicon, hyaluronic acid …) and forcing it to produce that collagen to act on these punctures, causing a series of natural biological reactions that favor:

-The awakening of a much healthier, smoother, aesthetically more beautiful and imperfect skin
-The disappearance of the crow’s feet and the first lines of expression in front and lips.
-That the tissues are lifted, avoiding the flaccidity of the jowls and the sagging cheekbones.

The great advantage and novelty that they present is that their method of action is faster, and less aggressive for the skin than injections of mesotherapy, in addition the nutrients that are injected will come to be used more and will penetrate better.

Dermapen Application

The Dermapen is also used for people who have pigmentation problems, making skin tones equal.
Although it is not the only thing, since it is recommended in:

• Chronic cases of acne that leave scars
• Rosacea (chronic and inflammatory condition of the skin)
• Dark circles and eye bags
• The suffering of scars caused by surgery
• Stains created by the sun
• age spots
• Too large and large pores
• The correction of imperfections (forehead wrinkles, fine lines, smile lines and lips, crow’s feet)
• Visible wrinkles of the neck
• Facial decay without lifting.

The Dermapen can be applied with other treatments (even in the same session) as the previous facial peels.


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