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Come to Vive Plastic Surgery in Tijuana and get Bichectomy. Learn about the spectacular results you can obtain with a procedure to reduce your cheeks. Without scars and with the best results!

One of the most desired features of beauty in a man’s or woman’s face is protruding cheekbones and an elongated profile.

To achieve this goal, our specialists perform the Cheek Reduction, also called Cheek Surgery, Bucal Fat Removal, or Bichectomy by its medical name. The procedure consists of the extraction of the fat responsible for the big cheeks.

Regularly, a round or square face can be due to the additional size of the fat in the cheeks. The solution is secure, easy, and on the same day!

Keep reading. We show you seven amazing facts about Bichetomy that you should know.

1.- Bichectomy is a the favorite of movie stars (as people say)

We cannot say it for sure, but magazines say that many movie stars made bichectomy for having the most beautiful face. The results are outstanding! The screen loves a narrow face, and it shines in everyday life.
Many movies and TV stars have had this procedure done, and social networks circulate before and after photos of them, to compare their youthful round faces and the thinner ones they had later. For men and women, Bichectomy eliminates the young and round face and gets an adult and more angular faces, with the diamond contour.
Great actress like Angelina Jolie, or Jennifer Aniston, have great faces due to the benefits of Bichectomy.

2.- What is Bichectomy?

Bichectomy, sometimes called Cheektomy, is the esthetic removal of Bichat’s Balls, the accumulation of fat that is present in the cheeks which go from under the eyes to the jaw and the edges of the mouth.

Doctors recommend Bichectomy for patients who have chubby cheeks and helps to achieve a more chiseled V shape contour, one of the favorite procedures of medicine for beautiful results and face contour.

The goal is slimming the lower face, in the lower anterior cheek region.

3.- Can Bichectomy cause side effects?

No, there’s no collateral effects from Bichectomy. These balls are just fatty tissue and do not have a biological function.
For a long time, many people incorrectly assumed that fatty cheeks were a sign of having good health.

Nowadays, scientists know that having fat in the face has nothing to do with a healthy diet, and it’s just a genetic issue.

The Bichat Balls don’t have connections to any muscle or nerve in the face. It’s just fat.

4.- How do they do the extraction?

It’s like going to the dentist.

The surgeon numbs you with local anesthesia and sedation, and you don’t feel any pain and will be relaxed.

They do the incision inside of the mouth, so there will be no marks or scars outside of your face.

The doctor performs a fat extraction with a cut of 5 millimeters below the cheekbone or zygomatic bone.

It is considered minor surgery, with no risks, although the results are dramatic, as it completely transforms the patient’s profile.

5.- When you'll see the results?

Remember that each patient is different, and the times may vary, but as a general rule, you will see complete results in about six months.

The procedure lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, from the time from when the doctor applies local anesthesia until finishing the suture.

You can have pain and swelling for 24 to 48 hours, and you may need mild painkillers or the application of ice for swelling.

You’ll see the final results up to four or six months later when the cheek tissues have finished rearranging themselves after the operation.

6.- Who is a candidate for Bichectomy?

The candidates for this surgery are people over 18 years old, with a rounded face, with excess fat tissue in the cheek area.

It’s an aesthetic option to improve the appearance of the face, highlighting the cheekbones and giving a younger and thinner appearance.

Any dental treatment should be completed before the procedure to avoid possible infections.

Avoid the use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs for reducing risks during the procedure.

It is also not recommended for people with heart conditions, in which case the procedure should be done under the supervision of the cardiologist.

Remember that you can get great results with surgery too. See the incredible results that you can have at Vive Plastic Surgery. 

7.- Amazing results!

Among the immediate effects of Bichectomy, is that the cheekbones will look prominent and the eyes larger, two features associated with an attractive face.
The cheekbones or zygomatic bones will be more pronounced and projected with more emphasis, while the eyes will stand out more in a sharp face.
Cheek Reduction Results
Sharp face
Cheekbone highlights
Larger looking eyes
Thin cheeks
Attractive facial features
Diamond-shaped face


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