PRP Treatment


What is PRP Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is know as a revolutionary treatment in cosmetic aesthetics. PRP has been used for some time in for sports injuries and Orthopedics. It is quickly becoming a trend and natural treatment in the cosmetic field in a few months.

Platelets we have in our blood consist of tons of proteins that are beneficial for increasing the production of collagen, regenerating the formation of tissue, skin tightening, rejuvenation of color and texture of our skin, improvement of scarring, wrinkles and for hair loss. PRP has also shown amazing results with healing properties after laser treatments.

This treatment is very safe since it uses your own blood, which takes away any concern of allergic reactions to foreign substances and risk of infection.

The therapy starts with a simple blood draw of the patient’s own blood. It is then delivered to a specially prepared tube. The tube is placed in a centrifuge to separate out the platelets from the red blood cells.

These separated platelets are then injected into the face, neck, breasts, hands, acne or surgical scars and the scalp for hair loss. It is also used as a topical healing component after laser treatments.

The injections are performed by using very small needles with the client experiencing little to no pain.

The platelets start regenerating the tissue in approximately 2 weeks and continue the process for about 3-4 months. Results have been seen up to 2 years with the average results lasting 12 months.

prp therapy

Types of PRP Therapy We Offer:

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