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There are different topical and injectable fat burners on the market that have gained popularity because the elimination of fat deposits in certain areas of the body is more difficult, slower and apparently impossible. Areas such as the jowls, the lower abdomen, the handles, the chaps are the ones that mostly cause problems even with a good diet and exercise these areas are usually the last to reduce measures. Liposusction is still the “gold standard” treatment to get rid of these fat deposits and although VIVE medical is concerned about making liposuction as comfortable as possible, some patients still prefer a small needle over an anesthetic.

Postphatidylcholine, also known as lecithin or PPC, is a natural component found in cell membranes. All the living tissues of the body find compounds of cells. Humans have trillions of them, if these are given an extra dose of PPC would become fragile and would be destroyed more easily. Therefore a dose of PPC to the fat tissue would cause the fat cells to be destroyed, making it possible to get rid of the “impossible” deposits, then the fat is sent to the liver where it is further destroyed by the bile acids to end up being expelled by the digestive tract

The treatment with PPC is very simple, almost painless are required between 3-6 sessions spaced by 45 days, it is advisable to accompany a healthy diet and exercise for even better results, the best of all is that the downtime is minimal or zero You can return to your normal activities in a much shorter time than surgery.

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