Te secret of the face contour in Tijuana

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The secret for a brigthest smile is perfect face contour. You can have it at Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana. Certified doctors in cosmetic procedures can advise you on the best non-surgical procedures to improve facial contours and obtain the best beauty results.

For both men and women, protruding cheeks and well-projected jawline are attractive signs of beauty. While men generally value a square jaw, women look for a smooth but pronounced chin curve.

V-shaped chin helps to improve the face, which can have the diamond contour with the projection of the cheekbones.

Besides, the chin projected forward indicates a strong and determined character, which reinforced obtains a result of both beauty and strong personality.

The secret of face contour

A well-projected chin is a universal facial beauty feature. To achieve this, doctors specializing in cosmetic procedures inject fillers that allow volume and projection.
Substances such as Hyaluronic Acid, or Radiesse, allow to give shape and at the same time generate young and firm tissues.
The secret is the injection in the optimal dose to reach outstanding results. The doctors target in the points of the face to have a well-shaped contour.
For cheekbones, the procedure is similar. The injection of Hyaluronic Acid allows to reach the diamond-shape in face. You can have a perfect triangle with V-shape chin and cheeks.

A high-precision procedure

The specialist injects Radiesse to give volume to the jaw and chin area, which allows generating the effect of angular face or diamond.

The treatment goes to specific points such as the jaw, to define the area above the neck. Besides, it helps to achieve outstanding cheekbones, which favor the beauty of the face and highlight the eyes.

The use of Hyaluronic Acid also allows giving volume in areas such as lips and around the nose, to generate a complete facial treatment.

The doctors achieve the projection of the mandibular arch injecting Radiesse to highlight the lower jaw bone.

The Radiesse treatment is useful when the skin or fatty tissues in the face or neck do not allow the projection of the jaw, producing a round face or a double-chin effect.

Injectable magic for face contour

The substances injected are natural for the organism and do not generate side effects. They are mainly Radiesse (Calcium Hiroxyapatite) or Hyaluronic Acid, in their presentations of Juvederm or Restylane, among others.

The treatment doesn’t have collateral effects caused by the substances injected, although it requires a highly specialized health professional to apply it without risk. They know the right doses, and to the anatomically correct points.

After the application, the patient can immediately continue with his daily activities.

In case of swelling or discomfort, the doctor may recommend the application of ice or a mild painkiller.

In the first hours after the treatment, it’s better not to expose directly to the sun, avoid pressure on the skin, and heavy work or exercise.

The effect lasts for six months for Hyaluronic Acid, and more than a year for Radiesse, after which the substances naturally dissolve into the body

The final effect is a natural face with a well-marked bone structure, in a harmonious way, and with a classic beauty effect.

The face contour treatment regularly includes the jaw, chin, and cheeks projection.

Remember that you can get great results with surgery too. See the incredible results that you can have at Vive Plastic Surgery. 


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