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VIVE Tattoo Removal

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We help people who regret getting tattoos. We are here to remove unwanted tattoos.

The Benefit of VIVE Tattoo Removal

Getting a tattoo and regretting it seems to be a significant issue these days. A momentary lapse of judgment can have a considerable impact on your life.

We understand, and we want to help you. We offer tattoo removal at reasonable prices, without the long waits.

They don’t like how they look or want to start a new life in a new job. Maybe just the person who did their tattoo is now someone they hate. Whatever the reason, it’s hard to remove tattoos.

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What can be achieved with the VIVE Tattoo Removal

Safe and hygienic.

Our team of professionals is highly qualified to provide you with an excellent quality service with all the necessary hygiene measures.

Results that speak for us.

We have hundreds of satisfied clients with our services, and our main objective is to exceed our clients' expectations.

Short recovery periods.

Thanks to our equipment and methods, recovery times are considerably reduced.

The before and after of our clients

Our dedicated doctors team

Dr. Jorge Hernández

Dr. Jorge Hernandez was born in Mexico City, where he studied medicine at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana.


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