Radio-Frequency Laser

What Is Radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency consists of the application of high frequency electromagnetic waves on the skin that causes the controlled heating of the different layers of the dermis.

How Does It Work?

It helps the formation of new collagen, lymphatic drainage, circulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. the migration of fibroblasts.

In What Cases Is Its Use Indicated?

It is a painless procedure and it is used for the treatment of cellulite and flaccidity of the skin in any part of the body.

What Are Its Effects?

The immediate effect of the application of radiofrequency is the collagen retraction, for, after successive sessions, achieve the restructuring of the deep collagen and the formation of new fibers that replace the already aged ones, providing a greater elasticity to the tissues and obtaining a skin smoother and, as a consequence, the reduction of wrinkles and epithelial flaccidity. The effects are usually achieved from the month of treatment and improve in the following, although this will depend on the collagen status of each person.

How Many Sessions Are Recommended?

It takes between four and ten sessions, depending on the body surface to be treated.


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