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Burns fat, 1 area (double chin, stomach).

Buttocks fillers, hips or face.

Injectable substance used to increase the volume of the buttock.

Eliminates body fat through temperatures below 0 °C. You can make 1 session per month.

Butt lift without surgery.

Strengthening, and toning of the abs, arms, buttocks and thighs. Abdominal marking.

Eliminates localized fat and sagging without surgery by heat, with Hifu technology. It can be applied on arms, legs, abdomen and double chin 6 sessions 1 per month are recommended.

Infiltrations of carbon dioxide under the skin they are affective to fight cellulite, fat and flaccidity. It is recommended 7 sessions 2 per week.

Contributes to accelerate the healing of tissues, prevents edemas, reduces inflammation, pain, and increases the quiality of the scar.

Helps eliminate localized fat, stylizing the contour of the figure, and size down.

Reduction of loss hair.

SHR technology, reduces facial and body hair from 5 to 10 sessions.

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