Discover the PDO Thread treatment

A solution that allows to restore the firmness of the tissues in any area of the body and especially on the face, with entirely natural rejuvenating effects.

What is it, and how it works?

The application of PDO Threads, also called Tensor Threads or Magic Threads, is a minimally invasive beauty treatment that must be applied by specialized medical personnel.

-It consists of using a network of surgical threads under the skin, which gives tension and firmness to the skin and tissues of the face.

-It is a good option compared to treatments such as the Facelift without going through the operating room.

-The threads produce an effect of tension and lifting of muscle to eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin.

-They are safe, do not feel or see, and fade without side effects over time.

-The network of threads under the skin stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, substances that give shine and youth to the tissues.

Lifting effect without surgery.

Longer lasting results.

Dissolves in the body

The ideal technique to reduce the traces of age without surgery.

The tensioning threads are not noticeable, although they can be noticeable to the touch in the first hours after the intervention until they begin to be reabsorbed.

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The result is not just wrinkles but spots, furrows in fine lines, irregularities, and loss of firmness.

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