The truth about stretch marks

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One of the most uncomfortable skin conditions for women is the appearance of stretch marks, those furrows that appear in the areas of the female curves and that become noticeable when you most want to show off your body, in the summer, at the beach, and in the sun.

Many patients who come to Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana because they suffer from the appearance of stretch marks, especially after pregnancy.

Stretch marks are marks in the form of parallel lines, with a whiter skin tone, and are caused by sudden skin growth and subsequent shrinkage.

This occurs when an area of the body grows rapidly, whether from fat, pregnancy, or another cause. When the skin returns to its normal appearance the points where the skin widened remain visible lines.

There is nothing wrong with stretch marks, but their aesthetic appearance makes many women uncomfortable, especially when they want to show off their curves.

The main areas where they appear are breasts, waist, buttocks, and hips, the points of the feminine curves, where fat is accumulated in a natural way and where the skin has lost the necessary elasticity to preserve its natural smoothness.

Laser treatment

The most common response to stretch mark problems is that there is very little to do. Stretch marks are not a sign of disease or poor skin function, so there is no specific health "problem" to attack.
One of the best resources available in the regeneration of the skin in the affected areas is laser technology. It involves the skin naturally rebuilding its tissues, similar to the treatment for scars or skin spots.
This procedure consists of projecting laser light beams produced with high-tech devices, which attack the outer or inner layers of the skin and stimulate the growth of new skin.
The laser generates a new layer of skin, making stretch marks less noticeable or completely invisible.

The best alternative for you

The doctors at Vive Spa Médico de Tijuana employ two types of procedures: ablative and non-ablative. Come to see the better in your case.

Ablatives use methods to attack the outer layer of the skin, to make the tissues to rebuild themselves without the previous imperfections. This system helps to recover the smoothness and good appearance of the skin.

Non-ablative procedures use the Fraxel system, which acts on the internal layers of the skin, promoting the production of collagen, the natural substance that produces cellular reconstruction.

Both systems use the body’s natural ability to regenerate itself, in the same way that the skin grew during the younger years.

Come to Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana. The doctors on our staff can perform a complete evaluation of your skin and your health. They will advise you on the best system to eliminate those annoying stretch marks forever.