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Get a new skin in Tijuana with CO2 Fractional Laser, the treatment that eliminates the damaged old skin and makes grow a new one, young and wonderful.

CO2 Fractional Laser is a non-invasive procedure en Tijuana that works rebuilding the skin with the all-natural and organic process, by the stimulation of the self-repairing of the cells.

The system consists of the application of laser light that burns the damaged skin to stimulate collagen and elastin, generating new healthy tissues.

CO2 fractional Laser in Tijuana is a very effective treatment for scars on the face, acne marks, fine wrinkles, spots, and unwanted pigmentation, among others.

The science behind CO2 Fractional Laser

A carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser), sometimes called Fraxel Laser, is a system to repair the skin applying a laser power to remove damaged areas, generating new soft tissues elastic, young, and healthy.
A targeted beam of light reaches damaged cells to remove surface cells of the epidermis. Besides, it penetrates the deeper dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Both are the natural substances produced by the body to repair damaged tissues.
The laser removes surface cells of the epidermis, making way for fresh, new skin. At the same time, it penetrates the deeper dermis layer to stimulate collagen production, which tightens and plumps skin over time.

The treatment


  • CO2 Fractional Laser is an in-office treatment. Regularly, it requires just one application, but the doctor may recommend others according to your condition.
  • Regularly it takes a few days of downtime. The patient experiences the elimination of the burned areas in three to four days and the replacement by new skin.
  • CO2 laser treatments can address fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, sun damage, age signs, discoloration, stretch marks, among others. It works on the face, hands, neck, and chest.
  • The doctor may apply soft anesthesia to prevent discomfort.
  • You may feel the skin burned for one or two days during the recovery time.
  • It may require medication before and after treatment to ensure adequate healing and comfort. 
  • One of the benefits of CO2 is that the doctor may customize the treatments to suit your skin condition. 
  • Your doctor will recommend the number of sessions that are right for you.

Ablative or Fractional?

There are two types of CO2 laser treatments: Fully Ablative and Fractional.

  • Fractional is less invasive and attacks only the desired area of the skin. 
  • The doctor can modulñate the intensity to reduce pain and targeting a specific area.
  • Regularly, fractional treatments are better for surface-level treatment.
  • Fractional reduces the recovery time to a few days.
  • Most of the patients may need a series of treatments for achieving the best results. 


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