What is Botulinum Toxin Type A?

Botulinum Toxin Type A, better known by its trade name Botox, among many others, is a substance whose function is to block neurotransmitters that produce muscle building. It is used mainly to reduce expression lines in the facial area, eliminate excessive sweating, and many other things in aesthetic medicine.

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How Does Botulinum Toxin Type A Work?

Is applied mainly in the upper third of the face; Forehead frown, and crow’s feet, to relax muscle contraction and reduce or eliminate fine lines.

Botulinum Toxin Type A

How is Botulinum Toxin Type A applied?

 Upper third of the face (forehead, between the eyebrows and crow’s feet or eye contour).

  • Underarms
  • Soles of the feet
  • Palms of the hands
  • Other areas

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Duration of treatment.

Four to six months. It is eliminated naturally by the body.

Recovery time.

Its action is not immediate. It takes effect after the first 48 hours and ends on the 10th day after its application.

Specific recovery indications are given for the first 4 to 6 hours after the treatment was applied.


Does not require anesthesia. In case of discomfort, the doctor apply a mild anesthetic cream.


Do not apply if the patient is allergic or to any of the ingredients of its various presentations.

Not indicated in case of infection in the area of application, under 18 years of age, and in pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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