Botox treatment, the truth about it

botox the truth about it

Come To Tijuana to have the best Botox treatment. At Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana, you can eliminate wrinkles and keep a soft and young face. See the best benefits […]

Get shapely legs in Tijuana!

Get the most beautiful legs in Tijuana using Coolsculpting, the best non-surgical procedure for eliminating extra fat and shaping your body in the best way. At Vive Medical Spa in […]

Skin rejuvenation in Tijuana with Spectra

Get a new and brilliant skin in Tijuana with Spectra, the laser treatment for the rejuvenation that uses non-ablative and soft procedures. Your facial skin deserves a delightful treatment to […]

Erase stretch marks in Tijuana

Get rid of stretch marks in Tijuana, with the most advanced and non-invasive systems. See what you can get with the latest systems. The treatment is painless, fast, and efficient. […]

Recover your skin in Tijuana

Get a new skin in Tijuana with CO2 Fractional Laser, the treatment that eliminates the damaged old skin and makes grow a new one, young and wonderful. CO2 Fractional Laser […]

How can you get a diamond-shaped face?

Learn at Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana how you can have a diamond face with the use of injectable fillers. Having the fine, defined, angular face of the stars is […]

The taste of fleshy lips

Come to Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana to get the most beautiful lips with lips augmentation. As you may know, fleshy lips are one of the most attractive features in […]

The best skin treatment for men

Come to Vine Medical Spa to get the experience of improving your skin, with the most effective therapies, and using non-invasive systems. The skin treatments for men are looking for […]

Get an slim waist now in Tijuana

Get the best treatment for fat deposits and eliminate love handles and top muffin waist at Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana. You’ve tried everything, diets, and exercise, but love handles […]